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August 4, 2021
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August 4, 2021

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We increased leads something like 500% and that was with the same level of spend. Our online store has achieved record results and seen triple digit growth over the past three years. We’ve seen our online revenue quadruple and it has resulted in greater business performance.


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Google AdWords is the most popular Pay Per Click advertising system in the world. By using the AdWords platform, businesses are able to create ads, which appear on Google’s search engine and other properties owned by Google. AdWords operate on a PPC model, where users bid on keywords and pay for every click their Ad gets. To use this tool, advertisers create an ad campaign, set a daily budget for that campaign, and provide keywords to target.

Part of this strategy will be choosing which advertising platform is best for targeting your audience. We will likely suggest more platforms than just Google Ads. Form submissions, phone calls, downloads – tracking helps us understand how customers are engaging with our marketing efforts. We do all the heavy lifting when it comes to setting up your analytics.

At Digital Web Sydney, our team aims to run quality ads that boost your traffic as well as conversions with our Google Ads services in Sydney. We follow a customer-centric approach in doing so; you will be part of the planning and implementation process for the right output. There is no such thing as overnight successes with PPC advertising.

Your confidence” was developed. This strategy informed the entire brand identity system and brand architecture which was rolled-out across the website and sub-brands. The new ACA monogram is a contemporary, flexible representation of the Association’s values.

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Adwords And Ppc Agency Sydney

Should work with you as your long-term business partner. They should take the time to get to know your business and your objectives, as well as your challenges. Do they ask you questions about your business, or do they only focus on trying to sell themselves to you? Do they explain the process to you honestly and transparently, or just promise results? If they’re doing the latter in both instances, it’s time to look elsewhere for another agency partner. Harness the power of digital marketing to skyrocket your sales.

Once you get a result, you can easily measure your success. So, no matter how small your business is, there is no reason you can’t start promoting your business using PPC. We can find your ideal target audience based on all the information we get about you, your company and your business. The beauty of our service is that it is very cost-effective and it won’t break the bank. Establish a baseline performance for your advertising campaign to evaluate traffic and conversions.

Our Google Ads And Ppc Approach

Lack of employment opportunities during the GFC left many people looking for new ways to earn. Coupled with advances in technology and social media, the sharing economy was born; allowing for people to use the assets and skills they had to make money at scale. Uber is a classic example of this, as is AirBnB and AirTasker. People love to be entertained, and the distraction is particularly welcomed when times are tough. More importantly, brands can’t just drop off the radar due to low demand.

However, it should not limit the business, particularly if change is happening at a rapid pace. When a crisis occurs that affects your business, it’s not uncommon for it to impact the way people see your brand. Therefore, rather than switching off, think about how you can adapt your brand proposition to better suit the times. Not only does repurposing your attributes provide new revenue streams but it also fuels innovation within your business. It also makes for great PR stories and in challenging times, these positive initiatives can create a lot of goodwill towards your business.

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As your Facebook Ads agency, we’ll help your campaigns deliver. There’s much more to PPC management than settings and optimisations. Our full funnel approach to PPC advertising delivers a platform for continuous improvement from day one. Creative assets, getting the best placements and optimising performance for success.

Remarketing And Retargeting Ads

Accurate data collection is also important if any machine learning or artificial intelligence is active, so it has the right information to work with and doesn’t race in the wrong direction. We can help you with online advertising across all major platforms and several niche networks. We also disclose the tools and technology in our tech stack (we’re proud of it!) so you know exactly what we’re doing, how and why, to maximise the value you get for your PPC budget. Promote your content in the LinkedIn news feed, send targeted InMail and advertise throughout the LinkedIn network. Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is the world’s largest online advertising network and grants you instant access to Google’s users via Search, Display, Video, Shopping, Mobile and YouTube. As a leading independent Sydney Google Ads Agency, we can help you succeed the complete Google PPC environment.

Simply put, if you aren’t investing in Google Ads or other PPC channels, you are missing out on valuable sales and revenue – and losing significant market share to your competitors in the process. B2B brands utilise our full service scope – creating and capturing intent with content and media; to nurturing and closing leads with performance channels and marketing automation. We undertake in-depth audits of PPC campaigns to find gaps and inefficiencies and uncover areas that can allow businesses to slash costs improve conversions and increase ROI.


Using Google’s paid listings, known asGoogle Ads you can ensure your website ranks on the first page of a Google search every time for any Keyword you like, often only days after signing up. As a Google Partner and accredited Adwords Agency, we have the expertise to manage your advertising campaign effectively. We bill on a monthly basis, with no “lock-in” fixed-term contracts, so if your campaign doesn’t deliver returns each month, you can cancel before the next month begins without any penalties or exit-fees. Lift your rankings, attract new visitors and receive more conversions by building your brand’s visibility across Organic Search results. The best combination is skilled practitioners working with market-leading tech around a smart strategy, which is what you will receive if you decide to work with us as your PPC agency. During our onboarding sessions, we’ll together determine the metrics that you care about most and build our campaign management and reporting accordingly.

Why did Google ads charge me $50?

What this means is that once your account has run enough ads to reach $50 in costs, you will be charged immediately, regardless of how long it has been since your last payment. So if you were last charged on October 1, and you reach $50 in payments on October 7, you will be charged then.

We take the guesswork out of PPC advertising with a proven campaign process that we’ve guided hundreds of businesses through to achieve breakthrough successes with their PPC campaigns. Our veteran PPC strategists have continually refined this proven PPC process since Web3 started in 2013. That means you benefit from our experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t for your industry, allowing us to achieve your goals faster. Most PPC agencies do not have the web design and development expertise to craft high-converting landing pages, leaving you consistently overpaying for each sale that you generate from your campaign. That’s why our in-house web designers and developers work closely alongside PPC strategists and advertising copywriters to create conversion-focused PPC landing pages for your ad campaign.

What is a PPC agency?

This is where a PPC agency comes in. A PPC Agency in Dallas typically consists of a group of well-trained individuals who are experts in creating, testing and managing paid Ads on numerous digital marketing platforms.

All our work is tailored to the client’s needs and the price depends on the complexity of the campaigns. A good PPC agency will also focus on conversion tracking and accuracy as much as strategy. The difference between a good and great agency is their focus on conversion tracking and data accuracy. Over the years we have seen our organic visibility and revenue grow by over 170% with our paid search growing over 600% making us the leading police check vendor in Australia. Understand our client’s businesses and goals so we can deliver PPC results that are exceptional.

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Established businesses with advertising budgets, some of which is allocated to digital advertising. Although they are often talked about together and managed by the same agencies, they actually have little to do with each other. SEO refers to optimising a website to better rank in organic search results.

  • However, if the ad is clicked on manually, it will count as a normal click.
  • If you are advertising on Google, you are required to set an average daily budget spend.
  • Rather than focusing on how much you think PPC should cost, focus on the level of experience and quality of the Sydney PPC agency you work with.
  • An example would be taking a business that has been focusing on Google and Facebook Ads and including SEO.

With years of experience and a proven track record, they excel at providing the best internet marketing solutions at cost-effective prices. Their digital marketing services are uniquely developed to increase the overall visibility of your brand. White label PPC service outsourcing is fairly common in the digital marketing world. As a specialist white label PPC management agency in Australia, we help businesses build brand awareness, generate leads and drive online sales.

Our goal as a PPC agency is to ensure the success of our clients, sometimes this will mean we use full automation but other times the opposite is true. There has been significant growth in automation within PPC. More specifically, Google has spent a huge amount of resources building their AI and machine learning infrastructure. With this we have seen the introduction of smart bidding across search, shopping, and display campaigns. Reconnect with potential customers who have visited your site and re-target them with compelling ads as they browse or search elsewhere on the internet online. Our experts for white label PPC in Australia work in a transparent way to develop tailored PPC solutions built around your unique business model.

If you want to discover how we’ve helped businesses just like yours, take a look at our case studies here. Recent report by Google revealed that over half of all shoppers do research online before making a purchase. Since AI integrated with old school chatbot concepts in the mid-2010s, the business case for chatbots has gone from strength…

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