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Being on Top of Google Won’t Get you Infinite Customers

If you ever consider using an SEO agency Brisbane, then no doubt many companies will all make you the same promise; that they can get you to the top of the search results and that you’ll get all the customers you need from that. The reality is a little different. There is some investigation that needs to be done in order to properly utilize SEO for a business. Branding Experts understand all the work that goes into proper SEO, including;


  • Keywords with High Search Density

A critical part of SEO is knowing which keywords receive a lot of search density. It’s no good ranking for something unrelated to your business. Something that is related, but isn’t what people are searching for, is also bad. You want to be ranking for keywords that are being used by the people trying to find your business. It’s a delicate process.


  • Keywords with Less Competition

That delicate process is only complicated when you consider the competition for keywords. There’s going to be lots of competition for the most important keywords. What you need to find – and what a good SEO agency in Brisbane can find for you – are the important keywords your competition aren’t using. This will help you to reach a high ranking for good keywords and get yourself a lot of potential customers that you can then convert.


  • Local SEO

As well as competing for national/multinational SEO, you have to work on your local SEO. People want to do business with businesses in their area. The algorithms for local and national SEO are also a little different. There’s a good chance that even if you appear high up in the results for a regular search, you don’t rank well when someone searches for businesses in your area. What’s the point of appealing to national customers when local people – the people who will actually be buying your products and services – can’t find you? Think about your local SEO.


  • Reviews

Would you purchase something that doesn’t have any reviews? Other people are the same. Reviews are an important part of the process because they build (or destroy) trust in products and the business that sells them. Having plenty of reviews for your products is always a good thing. This is especially important now that Google has begun showing business reviews as part of their results. When there aren’t any reviews it makes people think that the products aren’t worth their time. There’s no harm in asking customers to leave reviews and sending them gentle reminders about it. Just don’t spam them or be too insistent. A good SEO agency in Brisbane knows how to find a good balance.


There’s a lot more to SEO than just getting a good ranking. You need to be ranking for the right keywords, ranking in local SEO as well as national/international SEO, and you need to be getting reviews for your business. Branding Experts understand the SEO process and can help you to achieve all of this, and more.

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