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July 27, 2021
Influencer Marketing Agency Melbourne
July 27, 2021

Digital Marketing Services Agency In Melbourne

Inbound Marketing Agency Melbourne

It takes expert knowledge to rank your website and continue to maintain that position and keep clients flocking to your door. A SEO strategy from SIXGUN will rank your local website, engage your target audience and grow your business. Our main focus is on generating revenue opportunities through well defined inbound channel strategies that leverage inbound marketing methodologies. The other objective of your inbound marketing efforts is to create a great brand experience that converts visitors into paying customers.

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You’re here because you need to create change for your brand, and we’ve got the keys to help you do it. Our team has spent their careers in the eye of the storm. The digital revolution only continues to advance, but that’s how we like it. With all of this fuelling our every day, we continue to find winning combinations that power up our suite of clients to the top of the online world.

Website Design Is Our Passion

But once a user gets there, valuable and original content marketing is what drives the conversion. Using data from previous campaigns can also help decipher what types of digital marketing converts and what works for your business. Once you have digital marketing in place, it’s important to monitor and measure the results and be flexible to change. This allows you to find the most effective digital marketing mix for optimum ROI. Being a website and digital marketing agency sets us apart and gives you the best full-circle solution. It means we can work on everything from content to technical SEO seamlessly, easily and efficiently – giving you maximum results.

In A World Of Infinite Possibilities, Experience Is Everything

Through in-depth discovery meetings, we designed a comprehensive UX and conversion-focused eCommerce solution for their custom Magento platform, targeting the everyday consumer and small-medium businesses. Dramatically improve conversions with our comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimisation services. Drive relevant and effective traffic with our paid media services. Inspire consumers with emotive and engaging creative with our digital first design services.

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We are Melbourne’s content marketing agency evangelists. We create unique, polished websites, landing pages, blog posts, and other marketing collateral, so that your visitors can enjoy a top user-experience from any device. Inbound marketing focuses on first gaining the attention of the lead in non-intrusive ways through providing high-quality content and then actually starting the sales process. Because of that, Inbound marketing can have up to 30x the lead conversion rate of outbound marketing. Have you ever received a call from a company that you are not a customer or received mail from a local grocery shop that just opened? Outbound marketing involves reaching out to consumers that are somehow connected to your industry to get them interested in a product or service that you offer.

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In many cases, this will be to increase sales or generate leads. But you may also have a goal to increase brand awareness, for example. I would highly recommend emarket team to anyone, especially Sonik .

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  • Further they opened our eyes into endless possibilities with Google shopping ads and advanced optimisation techniques that were definitely not looking into.
  • They are always quick to respond to any questions I have, and are always polite and helpful on the phone and in person.
  • A digital agency predominantly focuses on one or multiple channels, but typically runs them in isolation and with a focus on project completion and task management.

From understanding, through strategy and execution via HubSpot the team have been responsible for a significant digital transformation at the Workwear Group. Turn customers into brand advocates with automated post-sale and stylish refer-a-friend campaigns. Research and design the customer’s experience to help drive conversion. Monitor and A/B test to ensure impact on all your touch points. Capture and nurture your leads to convert your traffic into revenue.

Chatterbox Marketing

We constantly refine and improve marketing strategy to keep your organisation ahead of the game. At SIXGUN we extract deep insights from your business to develop powerful marketing strategy. Aligning the research to all needs and goals means design solutions based on insights and data.

The strategy should incorporate digital marketing actions that support your higher business goals. Bernard helped us run an email campaign that brought us more leads than we had ever seen for a single effort. Now Bernard and his team enable us, on a daily basis, to effectively and strategically share our company’s story widely… The business has grown 36% in the last 18 months while I have been the Partner in charge of marketing… Ucidity is our first port of call for marketing strategies and implementation from Marketing Automation/CRM systems to social media, our go-to for support across all our marketing efforts. We implement digital marketing strategies that aren’t your average cookie-cutter types.

Clearwater has demonstrated a knowledge of our audience and of us as a business, with the ability to move, change and pivot mid campaign if we need to. We’ll share our approach, covering how we’d scale your marketing – and how they relate to your objectives. Switching to a full-funnel strategy led to record-breaking revenue months for this home improvement chain. Making sure your traffic is converting is the business outcome that really matters. This is where we will dig deep to ensure we truly understand your buyer’s journey.

This begins with taking the time to understand the characteristics of your target customers, including age, gender, interests, location and more. We then create Facebook advertising campaigns to connect with your market. After your ads are running, we constantly monitor and fine-tune your Facebook advertising campaign to maximize your return on investment and your results.

How much should I charge to post on social media?

Entry Level (social media posting, virtual assistant duties): $15-$50/hr. Intermediate (social media posting, content creation, and community management): $50-$100/hr. Advanced (brand and social media strategy, consulting): $120-$250/hr.

Our clients come to us because they’ve been burnt before by even the ‘best’ digital marketing agencies, or because they don’t know what to expect. Our proven process and transparent X-Chart provides brands from all walks of life with the security and peace of mind they need to really take the online landscape by storm. As a consulting agency we uncover and define marketing strategy as the first and critical step for every project and campaign.

Measurable Goals

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We don’t just believe we can amplify your digital performance, we guarantee it. Web marketing agencies, Melbourne digital experts, industry “gurus” – the list goes on; everyone these days claims to be the best in the trade. We won’t bore you with these labels, but we will admit that we do feel we live up to the hype. Not vanity metrics, not fluff – just proven, tangible results.

VTL scheme extended to 6 more countries, including Thailand and Maldives, from December – TODAY

VTL scheme extended to 6 more countries, including Thailand and Maldives, from December.

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We’ve managed hundreds of social media ad campaigns for our clients with stellar results. With our digital marketing services, you can transform your online presence. In fact, we are so confident in our SEO strategies and techniques that we assure you of results within 6 months of setting up your SEO campaign. We are a full-service digital marketing company in Melbourne and our sound web marketing solutions have generated more hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for our clients.

Sales & Marketing Integration

Alongside cutting-edge technology that gives them a boost over the competition, you want to know if your digital marketing partner has the expertise to deliver the best ROI for your business. While you might be tempted to choose a low-cost option, digital marketing is a heavily involved process that often means cheap isn’t good. Finally, you should only partner with an agency that’s fully transparent about how they spend your budget and what outcomes you can expect to receive. The online landscape is only becoming more competitive, meaning your business must have a clear idea about generating leads if it doesn’t want to get left behind. There are countless ways to approach a lead generation campaign, but it helps to optimise your home page to the fullest extent.

Digital marketing agency Sparro wins AON, Brandenburg Orchestra and The Beauty Chef – mUmBRELLA*

Digital marketing agency Sparro wins AON, Brandenburg Orchestra and The Beauty Chef.

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But many companies develop content without a proper blog strategy in mind leaving their content lost in the ether. Using a Spider strategy, we aim to generate long form content that positions you as the leading voice in that area. Meaning that when people google a question, you are the first answer. The devil of marketing today is that we as the user are spoilt for choices.Landing Page campaignssimplify decisions for us, making effective promotional campaigns for e-commerce, B2C and B2B marketing. Develop clear, concise landing pages for promotion, sale, upsell and advocacy with us. Does your product require a long buying cycle or a short one?

How much do influencers make per post?

2) Instagram influencers with under 10,000 followers can make, on average, $88.00 per post. Those with under 100,000 followers average $200.00 per post, but these numbers often vary account to account.

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However, there’s plenty more to consider to maximise your results. Do you want to grow your business in Australia and looking for the most promisingDigital Marketing Company Melbourne? As you know, businesses are growing on digital platforms quickly, and to outrank your competitors and make a standout in the market, the best methodology you must implement is digital marketing. The Best Digital Marketing Company Melbourne helps you to get online visibility, traffic on site, lead generation, strong social media image in the market, and more. As you will get all of these things from experienced masterminds, it is assured that your businesses will sky-rocket. So, to get all the advantages of digital marketing techniques, you need to get in touch with PRO IT MELBOURNE today.

Every digital strategy we create is specifically targeted at getting the results you want. Each month you meet with our marketing experts to discuss your progress, measure success and look at new opportunities. See how your marketing is tracking in real time with pure statistics – no fluff. To help you understand the dashboard you receive monthly commentary and insights from our experts.


The SearchMax team not only delivered outstanding digital marketing results, but continued to support and educate me in a professional and friendly manner. I would highly recommend SearchMax to anyone looking for a brilliant digital marketing agency in Melbourne. We are an agency designed to help Australian businesses thrive. We provide the latest content marketing strategy and creative powered by digital targeting technology to provide awareness and customers for Australian businesses, regardless of size. A digital marketing strategy is a plan of actions created to help achieve company goals. These actions take place on carefully selected online marketing channels and can be free or paid.

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