How To Carry Out An Seo Audit On Your Own Website
August 30, 2021
How Exactly To Do Key Word Research Utilizing The Tool Ubersuggest
August 30, 2021

How To Do Keyword Research The Easy Way

How To Do A Keyword Search

“SEO” is going to return anything about SEO whereas “SEO Company in Newcastle Australia” will return results about SEO Companies in Newcastle Australia. If you’re after a company to help you with your SEO and you want a company which is located in Newcastle Australia, search 4 will give you a much better result. Search engines use the keyword or keyword phrase entered to query their database looking for what they think are the most appropriate web pages for that search keyword. US research has revealed that 95% of the US Internet using population access search engines each month, and they make an average of 37 search engine visits per month. That’s more than one search engine visit and many searches per day.

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Therefore, figure out what will be unique about the way you present it. Then, you can create multiple posts under these categories, each post exploring a different variation of the original keyword. But we’ll explain these in the step-by-step guide further down in this post.

Usually appearing in the middle of the SERPs, People Ask also has an expandable list of popular queries that searchers type in Google that are related to the term of your badge. These are the questions that search engines have mapped to badge keywords, based on the journey taken by previous searchers. This helps you understand your niche better, because chances are your leading competitors already did lots of research on which phrases are most relevant.

Keyword Analysis Is Target Market Research

It’s time to fill those topic buckets with potential keywords. These keywords should be those you think your target audience would look for and would, therefore, rank in the search engine results. To start the process of keyword analysis, make a list of topics that you’d like to rank for.

If you need a hand with your keyword research or would like to improve your SEO and digital advertising, we’re always available to have a chat. Informational intent– An internet search with the purpose of finding information on a particular topic. Here are a few steps to help you choose the right keyword for your site. And the first place to start for SEO newbies is keyword research.

Here is how you might use some of these tools to do your keyword strategising, while taking into account location, long-tail research, and themes. Take what you consider to be a promising keyword and Google it. At the bottom of the SERPs, you’ll see a list of related keywords. Some of these will only be tangentially related, but you’re likely to see a few good keyword ideas here that you hadn’t thought of yet. For example, if you sell Sharpie Markers, your keywords to focus on may be Pen, Marker, Purple or Sharpie.

How To Do Keyword Research For Seo?

Now that you’ve whittled down your list of keywords feel free to use them in your content responsibly. But you should remember that trends change, and so do search results. Re-evaluating your keywords once in a while will help you stay relevant. Google Trends has a lot of tools that will help you determine historical interest in the keywords in your bucket. You can run trend searches for the past hour, the past year, or even from 2004 to present. Typically we’ll quickly identify and rank long tail keywords, while at the same time have a long term strategy to rank for the broader, higher volume keywords.

Google Places Tips

Remember, not all related search terms will be relevant to your specific product or service. So use some commonsense when it comes to incorporating these into your list. Sometimes it will throw up terms that are key search terms, but they are only in the same industry category as you, not exactly what your customers/clients are typing in to find you. This is a great way to see what other terms and keywords people are using when they are searching online.

How To Find The Best Keyword Opportunities For Your Business

Based on data averaged over a set timeframe, marketers can get a general idea of the competitiveness and overall search volume of any given search term. This allows SEO professionals and marketers to find out how certain keywords drive traffic seasonally or within a specific period – creating a detailed SEO strategy based on this information. When carrying out keyword research, you need to understand your target audience. Recognize how your audience search for content, products, and services. Use this insight to generate high traffic through high volume search terms.

Tips For Choosing Good Keywords

Google is the undisputed search champ, so it makes sense to head straight to their official keyword planner. While this tool can also be used to map out your PPC campaigns, it’s also wonderfully helpful for SEO purposes. In this example, I use the keyword we found earlier of “how to train your puppy to stop biting”.


Our team of passionate, experienced SEO professionals will produce a comprehensive SEO Keyword Research report that tells you the exact keywords you need to target and why. For over two years we’ve created strategic website and editorial blog content for business finance brand, Octet. This content has directly improved their site traffic and delivered ever-increasing qualified lead conversions. These are the ones that attract such limited interest that – even if you were to optimise successfully and corner the market – the overall benefit would be negligible.

4) Identify effective target markets Once you have effective keywords, it’s time to implement them and start creating effective content that uses these words and phrases . For effective content, it’s important that you first identify who your effective target market is – which websites are they visiting? All effective companies try to tailor their products and services specifically for individual clients within their effective target markets.

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You can also use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to check the number of occurrences for any word in an indexable area of the internet. If the search volume is high and the cost per click doesn’t seem too expensive, then it might be a good choice for your keywords. We recommend using keyword research tools to find the keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Keyword Research For Your Business Growth

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How To Review Your Marketing And Communications This Eofy

Nathan is the CEO and Founder of Content Chemistry, a digital marketing agency and a HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner based in Sydney. He has over 15 years’ marketing experience in Australia and Europe, working both on the client-side and as an agency. He’s passionate about content/inbound marketing, SEO and sales funnels. These are the unique searches that may only be done a few times each day, but they make up a larger percentage of the users’ need to find the information on search engines.


Firstly, of course, you will never want to over-do it when it comes to keywords, as you can then fall into the keyword stuffing bracket. The trouble is that there is no set figure when it comes to choosing the right keyword density for your content. You simply need to divide the number of times a given keyword is mentioned by the total number of words. It is one of the most critical metrics that you need to consider when you are conducting keyword research.

  • Look at the keywords that you already either have good search volume for or believe that you can rank for with minimal effort.
  • The buyer’s journey is an age-old marketing concept, suggesting that every consumer goes through three generic stages of purchase.
  • There are a couple of keyword tools that can lend a helping hand.
  • The less competitive a keyword is, in theory, the easier it is to rank on Google.
  • She is in the process of writing two online courses to help business owners get found online using Google Ads and SEO.
  • Again our friends at Google are providing a helping hand here, through their recently updated PageSpeed Insights tool .

While trends do change over time, it can help you determine what keywords have been trending in comparison. This tool can help if you’re stuck between two different keywords that perform similarly in the Keyword Planner. While this step might seem like the final step of keyword research, it’s not! Ultimately, you want a starting point of what you think online consumers are searching for and what you want to rank for. They will form the basis of the search terms you want to rank in the SERPs. [newline]This step should be relatively simple, as the words you come up with will be related to clear topics related to your business. Alright, before we pin-drop into the thrills of analytics, let’s make sure you’re fully equipped with some handy tools.


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At Bambrick in Brisbane, SEO is at the core of what we do and keyword research is the foundation upon which we build successful digital marketing campaigns. Our SEO team uses a variety of tools and techniques to identify the right keywords for your campaign. When we conduct keyword research as part of your SEO campaign, we follow the process below. Knowing what your audience is searching for online is absolutely vital and a fundamental part of SEO.

Where do I find SEO keywords?

SEO keywords (also known as “keywords” or “keyphrases”) are terms added to online content in order to improve search engine rankings for those terms. Most keywords are discovered during the keyword research process and are chosen based on a combination of search volume, competition and commercial intent.

We’re going to take you through how to go about your keyword research (and what to do once you’ve found them), but first, let’s take a quick look back at how things have developed. You can also use Google Trends to compare traffic for keywords. For example, if you’re a bakery in Townsville, a good geotargeted keyword would be, “bakery Townsville” or “bakery in Townsville”. Leaving things like categorisation to automation can also end up with gaps and allows for mistakes to creep in with certain keywords potentially being mis-categorised.

We’ll get to eliminating keywords as we go through the next steps. Sure, Google lets people find your business using certain keywords. Still, all of the algorithm updates it puts out regularly make it hard for SEO strategists to keep their organizations on top of the rankings.

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