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September 1, 2021
How To Use Link Building As An Internet Marketing Tool
September 1, 2021

How To Do On Page Seo

How To Do On Page Seo

We network with journalists, digital influencers, content marketing managers and website owners to gain high-quality backlinks, social media mentions and honest reviews. We strategically secure online placements and focus on acquiring authoritative links and mentions from high quality and relevant websites in your niche. Google values and places much emphasis on these authoritative, relevant external links and will rank you higher for your efforts. We aim to not only improve your rankings, but also deliver you more targeted traffic. Local SEO is a type of SEO that focuses on optimising a websites online presence to attract more potential customers from local searches.

How To Do On Page Seo

Answer common FAQs relevant to your topic as this will enable your site to rank as a featured snippet, leading to more clicks. Here is an example of websites using the recipe schema and rating markups. Hence, it would be best if you aimed to keep your URLs simple, short, and keyword-rich. Also, avoid adding numbers in URLs because the numbers in the URL might cause an information mismatch when you update your articles later. E-A-T refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Rank tracking is the process of tracking your website’s target keywords. You can set up rank tracking for a list of keywords for which you want to improve your search engine rankings. You can do this with the help of most keyword research tools listed in the previous sections of this PrestaShop SEO guide.

Optimise Your Content And Your Pages For Search Intent

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Look for other companies selling things that would pair well with what you offer. Reach out and see if there’s an opportunity to work together. You can link from each other’s product pages, offer announcements, or blog posts.


Notice how 4 out of 5 of the results contain the word “toddler” somewhere with the title or meta description. By utilizing these seven on-site as SEO tips, you can help to increase your traffic and boost your search ranking. Add this tag to the HTML head of each page that you do not want search engines to index. A Sitelinks Searchbox helps users search and link more specifically to pages in your site, straight from the organic search result.


Many SEO tools are available in both paid and free versions. These 30 SEO tips will help you get started and attract the right people to join your business. Duplicate content can dilute the value of your content among several URLs.

Other than optimising your images for local SEO by geotagging them, you can help identify to search engines what your images are using title tags, alt tags, and image naming. Although search engines do technically understand what items are in images. It’s machine learning, it’s subject to incorrect tagging and only knows basic objects. Through in-depth research and analysis – qualified important keywords are added that overall improve your search engine visibility. Even though this information doesn’t appear on page, it helps a search engine’s filing system so that it can be displayed when it is searched for.

Is Prestashop Better Than Other Cms For Seo?

We’ll update this page with more useful SEO tips on a regular basis. On the other hand, you have full control over internal linking. You want to link related articles to drive visitors deeper into your site. Generally, you want to link to anchor text, the words that visitors click to move from one page to another. Your site gains search-engine authority when other sites link to it, especially if those external pages are seen as trustworthy and popular. These are called backlinks, and the truth is that you don’t have much control over them.

To help us explain SEO, Small Business Web Designs will talk about the most commonly used search engine in Australia, Google. We offer an SEO guide below to help you understand SEO better. Please follow the links below for answers to our most commonly asked questions. From optimising your website to make it more crawlable by search engines, we have you covered. There’s a lot more to learn about SEO, and it’s a discipline that sees many small, frequent changes as search technology moves forward.

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Crawl errors will be detrimental from both a search engine and user view point. You can use 301 redirects for pages that have been removed permanently. We provide clarity and understanding at each phase of the process from research, strategies to executional plans and roadmaps.

  • Try embedding videos too if you have a Youtube channel showcasing products, as this can help with snippets too.
  • If you want to take your on-page SEO to the next level and boost your ranking, then get in touch with RiseSEO today.
  • H1 is the most important and used for the main heading on your page.
  • Though they may not show up in search results, the traffic they generate creates a strong SEO signal.
  • The keywords and long-tail keywords that you focus on will determine how much traffic and what type of traffic you get.
  • Performance optimisation can help user behaviours on site which lowers dwell time which is an official ranking factor.

As mentioned by, you can optimize your videos for search both within and outside of YouTube. A key component toYouTube SEO is harnessing the power of your video’s text in the form of transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles. Local Pack, also known as ‘the 3 pack’, is a type of Google search result that appears when a user for local service providers in a specific location. In this scenario, Google will display 3 listings along with a map. Organic Search results appear below Google ads and local search results. They are not sponsored results and Google displays web pages in the organic search results that relate to the search query and contain relevant information.

If you’re looking to modify photos you have purchased like a stock photo you or on a DSLR, or even a graphic. You can use a tool like GeoImage which allows you to upload an image, select the location, name, and description and embed the tag in. Cheaper hosting providers lower costs by reducing hardware costs and allowing more websites to share single servers resources. The same can apply for a VPS or dedicated server in a sense that although you’re not sharing, you can still be limited by lower quality hardware and software configurations. Optimising your website’s performance is fast becoming one of the biggest headaches for webmasters. It’s reported that 53% of mobile users will leave if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

##9 Meta Keywords

The thing to keep in mind about keywords is that you don’t want to overstuff your website and content with them. Each page of your website – whether it’s your home page, contact page, about page or a blog post – should focus on only one keyword. In addition, you want to keep your keyword density between 1 and 2 percent. Website optimisation consists of anything you do on your website to help search engines differentiate between important content and unimportant content. Things like the content itself, how you format the content, the titles you give the content, and more, all matter.

How Do I Deal With Large-Scale Pagination Issues? – Search Engine Journal

How Do I Deal With Large-Scale Pagination Issues?.

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Keywords can be as simple as ‘running shoes’ or longer and more specific, such as ‘best italian restaurant in my area’. By finding the right keywords to target, you give your website a better chance to rank in search engine result pages . Another reason why you should be looking into SEO is that it can be the gift that keeps on giving for your business. Because it focuses on increasing organic traffic, SEO has the potential to continually bring results. Of course, this doesn’t mean SEO is a ‘set and forget’ strategy – it takes constant optimisation. Title tags are considered to be one of the most critical HTML tags that assists in letting the search engines know about your page, post, and any other website content or resource.

Quality authority websites tend to link out to other authority websites, likewise for low authority or spammy websites. If you go and chase low-quality links beware of what Google can see asmanipulative link building tactics, these can result in your website being penalised (you really don’t want that to happen). Repeat this process for any other location/services you offer and you start to build quite a comprehensive list of potential local keywords to target. In your searches of Google, we are sure you have seen one of the biggest elements of local SEO, Google’s local pack. The Google Local Pack is the boxed area that appears at the top section on the first page of results when a local search is made through Google’s search engine.

There are plenty of available tools that help identify keyword density. It’s important to use LSI keywords to diversify the usage of exact match search terms. Keyword density in SEO refers to how often your target keyword appears within the contents of the page. No more than 3% is a safe industry standard density for long-form content or 2% for short form. Long-form content is typically well researched, well presented and thorough. The more in-depth the content is, the more likely the end-user is going to find the answer they were seeking.


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Google links the keyword terms together so that they do not get separated in search engine rankings. As a user, you do not have to put in all keywords as you search, Google helps fill in the blanks. You do not want just to start tossing content out on your site with no rhyme or reason. If people stop clicking on your site or bounce from your site back to search, it’s a strong signal that other pages on the SERP are more valuable and should be ranked in front of you.

What is the target of SEO?

The SEO process targets mostly organic links and search engine result placement; still, it is often complemented by more aggressive measures (e.g., paid search ads) and is often part of traditional marketing campaigns.

I am a Project/Account Manager with over 8 years experience in the Digital Marketing and Advertising space, having worked with e-commerce clients such as Tentworld, Bardot and Milligram. I am passionate about learning and constantly driven to improve my digital skill set. I have vast experience across all digital marketing channels with a focus and specialty in Organic Google Search for businesses large and small. Your Google My Business Profile is evaluated by Google based on several ranking factors. The accuracy and detail level of your information together with how you choose to present them are the factors that will influence your search engine rankings. Once you have claimed your business listing, make sure that your Google My Business account includes all the information needed – aim for a 100% completed profile.

Product Details

User testing is the key to understanding what works best for your product pages, and what is reductive to your SEO efforts. For all you know, changing the colour of the CTA may significantly improve conversion rate. What makes product page SEO even more complicated, is the increasing competition of e-commerce industry. If you’re not implementing basic product page SEO, your e-commerce website is only going to fall by the wayside. Below we’ve put together some actionable product page SEO tips to drive more traffic to your products.

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