Tips That You Can Do To Help Optimise Your Site For Seo Now
August 29, 2021
How Does My Website Rank For Keywords
August 29, 2021

How To Optimise Your Website For Local Searches

How Does Google Rank Websites

Google knows links can be added by people with SEO Knowledge so they limit their impact on the final search ranking algorithm. Bill has helped me in digital marketing, organising social media campaign and did a great work in SEO and content marketing for my company. He is professional, down-to-earth and super talented in this field. I am amazed by his IT knowledge and I would like to recommend him to anyone looking to amplify their business.


Popular website builders like Wix, Weebly and WordPress should ensure the backend code is optimised. If you have a developer, check that they have set up your website appropriately. Google is trying to connect users with answers, so the more you can position yourself as a credible, trustworthy source of those answers the better off you’ll be.

About Ranked

Generally, linking text used within your own website will not affect your ranking as much as links from other websites. Firstly, ensure that your on-page copy, blog posts, page titles, meta descriptions, URLs and more are optimised for the keywords you want to rank for. Optimise your content for relevance and enhance your user experience. Avoid including too many keywords or ‘keyword stuffing’, as this black-hat SEO method will likely decrease your rankings. Ranking highly on Google Search Results is one of the main driving forces of organic traffic.

How does Google rank top stories?

For ranking in Top Stories, one of the most important ranking factors is the use of keywords in headlines. Unlike Google’s standard organic blue links, which display the <title> element as the title of the ranking page, Top Stories show the <h1> headline as the primary title of the page.

The other side involves the users – actual people who will read and view your content. But why should you, as a business owner, care about SEO? It’s because a lot of people look things up online – almost 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day. Organic search results also appear more credible to people with 70-80% of all searchers opting to ignore paid in favour or organic results. A strong SEO strategy will let you take a slice of all that traffic and direct it to your own websites. When most people think about search engine optimisation, their thoughts linger on keywords and content.


Verve Innovations have provided an excellent, customer focused, responsive and professional service throughout our dealings with the business. We feel that they are part our our team, that genuinely care with the growth of our business. Happy to have found Verve Innovation to do my website and SEO.

How Can Google’s Passage Ranking Update Increase Website Traffic

If you want to be found, crawling is the first step that needs to take place. The folks at Google are pretty transparent with how the search engine works but that doesn’t mean creating optimised copy is easy. In fact, keeping Google happy without making your article confusing to humans can be quite a challenge. We had the help of the marketing department for the collateral for our event. They designed the hard copy invite, Facebook event cover image & menus and we absolutely loved the work they did. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone needing marketing & design support for their business or event.

No, These 15 Things Are Not Ranking Factors for Google – Search Engine Journal

No, These 15 Things Are Not Ranking Factors for Google.

Posted: Fri, 23 Apr 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Our Webics team is often asked how good SEO practices are able to achieve an enhanced online presence for your organisation’s website. The answer lies in taking a closer look at how Google ranks pages around the web. Therefore, quality content means, relevant to the search query, easy to read, use of keywords, emotions, excellent visual presentation. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, so in basic terms, it is how well you optimize your website for a search engine to rank your website. The reason you want good rankings in a search engines eyes is because they are the ones who determine how relevant your website is when giving results to a user when they ‘google’ something.

How Do Different Types Of Search Results Appear In Google?

Discover more about How Does Google Rank Websites here.

In that way, you can easily identify what you need to modify in your pages that would contribute to a better user experience. Here, you will be connecting your website in a way that in a manner that makes it simpler for the users as well as the bots to understand. Once you start getting multiple links to a specific page on your website, you can then safely use that web page to boost your other web pages.

Read more about how to do seo in laravel here.

  • Positive effects were recorded although it is thought only about 1% of queries globally were affected.
  • Find the best wayfor you to get real estate articles for your agent/agency profile, email newsletters, blog and social media marketing.
  • Now, a professional SEO who has been doing this for 20 years….?
  • These URLs are populated into the search engine indexes and it’s this index that’s queried every time a user performs a search.
  • Running Google Ads and Facebook Ads are tactics, just pieces of a larger marketing puzzle.
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Producing this kind of content takes time to master and it’s not something that can easily be tacked on to the job description of someone else in the organisation. The more places that link to your site, the more chance you have of people, and potential customers, discovering your content. People like pictures so you’ll need to include them on your site, but they can also be a nightmare for the crawlers trying to index your page.

The crawl rate limit is the number of parallel connections the Google bots can have to crawl the site. The rate limit isn’t a set-in-stone number and can change based on several factors. If the site response is fast, then this increases the limit. If the site is low, then it can decrease the crawl rate to make sure customers can access the site easily.

Google Algo Bug Puts Sites In Weird Limbo State – Search Engine Journal

Google Algo Bug Puts Sites In Weird Limbo State.

Posted: Sun, 28 Nov 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

If your business has several locations, your SEO approach should be slightly different. These resources will show you exactly how to structure your website and manage your marketing plan across multiple locations. Dux Digital operates on the traditional lands of the Whadjuk Nyoongar people.

Search engines have one goal – to provide useful answers to a searcher’s questions in the most helpful formats. Search engines exist to discover, understand and organise website content in order to offer the most relevant results to the questions searchers are asking. For your website content to show up in search results, it needs to be visible to search engines and this is arguably the most important piece of the SEO puzzle.

Your Google Business Page

Off-page SEO helps you build authority, reputation and trust for your site. More authority usually means a higher rank in the SERPs. Apart from those, other on-page SEO practices include optimised URLs and meta descriptions, providing image alt texts, being mobile-friendly and improving user experience.

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If your site is full of high-quality, original content and lots of it, then you’ll be rewarded in the SERP’s with good rankings and that’s that. There are a few ways search engines find what page to rank on top for a search query. All these are important for ranking any website on search engines to get organic traffic. So how does your website stand out from all the other similar sites? That search engine algorithm is pretty gosh darn clever, and it can pick out a fake website from a mile away. So show those algorithms that you’re the real deal with local links, reviews and active social media pages.

Commit To A Digital Marketing Plan

The unpopular and inconvenient truth is that getting rated highly in Google for a new website takes time. You cannot expect to launch the site and be bombarded with traffic from day dot as Google sends hoards of users to your website. Anyone who tells you anything like this is being dishonest. Another bug bear of Google are sites that fail to add new content. This sends the search engine a signal that it is up to date.

Site Search

Plus, enquiries from your fully-featured Google My Business listing are fantastic. But nothing is as far-reaching, targeted and effective as a well-planned Google Ads campaign. To answer this, you should probably consider all those successful businesses out there that are spending hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars annually on Google Ads.

When you type something into the Google search bar, there’s pages and pages of results. The first page usually has 10 results, and to determine which sites are on the first page, Google is looking for two things… When setting up your website, consider the following points to ensure your website has the best chance of ranking well. Google takes note of how long a domain has been registered.

They’re experts in Startup growth online and has helped us understand what we should do and why it should be done that way. SIMBAA’s pro-active approach has helped us get the best out of the limited budget we run on, being a startup. It is a fantastic professional tool for analyzing site performance. You can also use it as a plugin on various web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. With time, Google changes or updates its algorithms for a better user experience.

Yep, your web hosting is one of the most overlooked factors in site speed. The lower the quality of the host, the worse your results will be. We’ve had sooo many questions about our websites, site speed and how these websites will rank if they’re not achieving that top score.

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