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September 2, 2021
Improve Your Search Engine Rankings
September 3, 2021

How To Seo Your Website For Free In 2021

How To Do Seo For My Website

An SEO strategy expert will determine the number of total words which are required to optimize your website. We belong to the advanced and exclusive mastermind groups that has the best SEO team. We discuss strategy, what is working right now and what to move away from.

Rank My Business has exhibited proven expertise in delivering sustained results across different industry verticals and clients. We are an SEO company based in Melbourne, and our goal is to be a partner in your business growth. If this interests you, connect with us to know how we can work together. Generally, a website needs 3-6 months to get a good ranking in Google.

WordPress can be used for any type of site, large or small, from simple static one-page sites to complex back end sites. Write content to those campaigns and track how your rankings are changing over time. Separating your keywords into campaigns makes it easier to track your results as you focus on different areas of your SEO strategy over time. I’m a reserved yet highly motivated and adaptable digital marketing expert ready to use my online marketing knowledge to help your business be seen online and ramp up your sales. I love horses, dogs, cats, country music, chocolate and most of all helping people.

Successful search engine optimisation involves continued efforts on both of these components. If you want anyone to find your website without paying for advertising, your success depends on SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is not a one off exercise … you need to keep working at it.

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If there are negative reviews (as they’re unavoidable), give a professional response quickly to redeem your reputation. Show off positive testimonials from previous customers. You can share it on your website or through a social media post.

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Optimize your online business with our free tools and get inspired by the articles and case studies we publish. Supple launched as the passion project of two friends in 2012, Supple has become a fast-growing, award-winning powerhouse in Australian digital marketing. Want to learn more about SEO and how it could help give your business a lift?

Use The Right Keyword Research Tool

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The biggest problem that you and all our clients face when it comes to SEO is that you don’t know what to do or how to do it properly. Worse, if you don’t do it properly you can actually damage your website’s rankings on Google. This helps you rank in Google’s local search results and is therefore crucial for any business. This is a great way to add keywords to your website and helps give context to your image for a search engine. Hello, I’m the owner of Digital Developments web design based in Melbourne. As a web designer I have extensive background experience designing and building websites for the real estate, building and the construction industries.

What Is Keyword Research?

Take this opportunity to ask lots of questions about the process, methods, results, and general information about the company. If you get an uneasy feeling about the culture or values, maybe you need to ask yourself why that is. It could potentially harm your business if you choose a provider that isn’t suited to you. The right fit is just as important as a quality service. SEO is not a service that generally delivers immediate results.


The team at 5×5 are dedicated to ensuring you get the outcome that your business deserves when it comes to Web Design and customer service. The website they designed for our company is fantastic and functional. It is a work in progress too which they are always happy to adjust and work on where needed.

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Five by Five are a highly professional team who ensure that no client moves on from their website design experience disappointed. Very prompt responses to all my requests for action. Highly complimentary reaction from clients, investors and business contacts about the website too which is great third party validation of Five by Five’s work. They have delivered an excellent outcome for the investment made.

SEO services are the key to unlocking your potential and putting your company in front of more searching eyes. That means it’s important to adjust your SEO strategy to meet your objectives. Maintain rankings on valuable keywords, so when demand returns, you’re in front of your competitors. But a genuine, high-quality link building strategy isn’t so easy. Today, you need both quality AND quality links to be in with a chance of SEO success and making it to the top of the SERPs. These links are extremely important as the more of them your website receives, the higher you’ll rank on the search engine results pages.

Show featured items on your homepage or category pages that link to product pages. Use anchor text that includes keywords when linking to products. Every theme on the Shopify theme store is mobile friendly, but if you’re not using Shopify, use this tool to see how it looks on a mobile device. All pages should be just as readable on mobile as they are on desktop.

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As a Small Business Owner, chances are you’re too busy running the day-to-day to try and develop a comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaign. You’re already monitoring staff, checking daily sales, and running a Business. Search Engine Optimisation, orSEO, is the art of making yourWebsitemore appealing in the eyes of Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Over this period, they’ve built and successfully placed 4 of our websites on the first page of Google. Our industry is very competitive, and no previous agency was able to achieve this, and we’ve been in business for over 20 years. We’ve had an 800% increase in traffic -, and enquiries within the first 12 months. They also host our websites and provide all the website technical support. We highly recommend their services and happy to be contacted for any questions in relation to what they do for our business. All modern day businesses rely on a website to support their business.

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We also understand the need to make marketing budgets as effective as possible for Melbourne small businesses. Most small businesses in Melbourne usually have websites with only a few pages. However, one of the best ways to improve your website is to increase its size.

What is the first step for SEO?

Keyword research is the first step for optimizing your website. Any search optimisation begins with the hunt for keywords. You have to understand the current environment of the search and your keywords. This is not only important at the start of any marketing strategy, but also sometimes appropriate to re-evaluate.

Also, never ever use an agency that offers page 1 rankings within 90 days or you do not have to pay a cent. They are also scammers and will rank low-quality keywords with little relevance. They will use ultra spammy/dodgy techniques to rank these keywords and then lock you into a contract. We are highly ethical when it comes to search engine optimisation. There is no such thing as a guarantee and anyone who tells you this should be avoided at all costs. This is why we never offer any type of ranking guarantee.

How Long Does SEO Take? – Search Engine Journal

How Long Does SEO Take?.

Posted: Sun, 21 Mar 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Like the ones that are marked red in this screenshot. So the first thing you should do is look up adequate keywords in an SEO tool such as Ahrefs’s Keyword Explorer. However, deeper fixes will require hiring a developer or an SEO company.

  • You need to demonstrate your authority within your industry to earn first-page positions on the SERPs.
  • It can take up to 6-12 months to get on the first page of search engines.
  • Google My Business – easier to update The must-do part of anyone’s SEO – GMB updates – has become easier!
  • We emphasize on creating websites that are visitor and search engine friendly and suggest ways you can optimize your conversion rates.
  • The results will depend on which kind of business and industry you are operating in, and who is managing your SEO campaigns.

Link building is a major factor of off-site SEO that big brands might spend a large portion of their digital marketing budget to master. While having those extra funds to hire agencies and vendors helps, you can do some of the same things on your own. Fortunately for small business owners, you don’t need to have a major budget or large team to be successful with SEO.


Well, that makes it harder for all the brands to get a first-paGE ranking. It is, however, possible with only SEO techniques and its regular implementation. We believe in teamwork, hence we shall work with your web developers to keep your website in great shape, while implying SEO recommendations. A detailed study and analysis of the SEO work will be done by our SEO specialists in order to know if the strategy used for the webpages are effective. They will also consider resolving any current SEO challenges through consulting. Extremely happy with the price and functionality of my website.

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