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How to Turn an Idea Into a Mobile App and Make Money Out of It

Everyone has that one great idea for an app. The problem is that they don’t know how to put the app together, and they know even less about monetising it. Don’t despair if that’s the situation you’ve found yourself in, as Branding Experts are here to explain the steps of putting together a great mobile app (and making some money from it).

  • Write Down a List of Features

Begin by writing down all of the ideas that you have for your app. What do you want it to do? Write down a list of features as this helps you focus on the idea and build on it. Find different ways to phrase the ideas. This list of features also comes in handy when discussing the idea with a branding agency Brisbane, designers, developers, and investors. This list should be easy to understand and clearly written.

  • Do Market Research

After jotting down some features, it’s time to do the market research to find trends, needs, and competition. You want to have as little competition as possible. Come up with features and ideas that can’t be found with the competition to give your app a unique selling point.

  • Identify the Target Audience

It’s important that you identify the target audience for your app. This can include users of a particular gender, age range, gender, and income group. After learning some demographics about the audience, you can find out what they want and need out of an app. This lets you re-engineer the app to suit their needs.

  • Identify a Monetisation Strategy

Making money from an app is rewarding, and it’s one of the main motivations people have for making apps. There are several ways you can monetise your app and generate cash with it. This includes advertising, in-app purchases, user data, subscription fees, and sponsorships. You need to know which idea is best for your app, market, and audience. It’s hard to make money with a paid app these days, but you can still make a good amount of money with a free app where users can buy extra features and functionality through real money. User data is also a good way to make money, as are sponsorships. Choose 1 or 2 techniques to get good returns on your investment. A digital marketing agency Brisbane is great for monetising apps.

  • Approach Developers and Get Estimates

After creating a basic wireframe version of your app, it’s time to find vendors that can take your idea and tur it into a cost-effective app. Find local and global vendors and shortlist around five or six vendors. Good vendors look over your ideas and ask plenty of questions. These questions should be answered in as much detail as possible to fully communicate your ideas and ensure you get an app that matches up with your vision. Get several different proposals from the vendors and developers and compare them. Compare the price, time, process, performance, and testimonials of different developers and vendors to choose the best one for the job.

  • Develop and Test the App

If relying on an outside company to develop the app, they should send regular updates of the app for your to QA. This makes it easier to manage the cost, quality, and timeline, and learn about any changes or adjustments the app needs before it is launched. If you come up with new ideas for features during the development stage, be sure to discuss them with the developer and find out how much money and time it would take to implement them. Remember that you can always add them later if you don’t have the time/money to do it now.

  • Launch and Market the App

After putting together an app that you’re satisfied with, it’s time to launch and market it. Get it up in the distribution channel of choice, such as Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Consider bringing on a digital marketing agency Brisbane to handle the marketing for you. Spread the word about your app and get people downloading it. Get in touch with bloggers and reporters that fit your target audience and get them to write about it. Do whatever it takes to ensure a successful launch. The launch of your app is just the beginning. After launch, you want to keep track of how the app is performing and what people think about it. Tweak it as necessary and patch the app to get more people using it. Remember, the more people you have using your app, the more money you stand to gain from

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