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July 11, 2021
The 7 Main Product Pricing Strategies
July 11, 2021

Impact Of Product Differentiation, Marketing Investments And Brand Equity On Pricing Strategies

Pricing Strategies Of Fmcg Products

The Indian market, being the highly competitive market that it is, will up to a certain level depend on pricing strategies for business to market their products and their services. It is vital for business to know exactly where customers would want to spend money and how much exactly are they willing to part with. Around 60 per cent of retailers in the Bank’s liaison program indicate that they currently review their prices either daily or weekly . The data also suggest that the frequency of price reviews has increased over time, which is likely to reflect advances in technology that have reduced information costs for both consumers and firms .


This has been driven by a decline in gross margins suggesting a reduction in firms’ pricing power. This is consistent with information from the Reserve Bank’s business liaison program about heightened competition in the retail trade sector. Liaison indicates that firms are seeking to offset the decline in margins through measures such as vertically integrating supply chains and adjusting product mixes.

Reaching New Highs: Australias Cannabis Industry

Development of a distribution strategy should consider the online sales option. However, to use Uncle Tobys Oats as an example, which are manufactured in Wahgunyah , sales would be less than 1% of what they currently are if consumers could only buy them from the factory . Strategy means making a choice, and a choice is made after considering all available distribution methods and selecting the best that will create a competitive advantage over your competition. Our comprehensive à la carte menu of services and month-to-month contracts mean you pay only for what you need, when you need it. We deliver market leading ecommerce and lead generation campaigns with a focus on performance. Dove uses emotion and storytelling to create a compelling narrative around the brand – rather than just focus on straightforward product messages.

Distribution Strategy

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There is also a large price variation between categories that gives retailers a lot of room to discount products further. Especially, when prices go below the prices consumers are willing to pay (i.e., consumer reference prices). To be fair, though, c.60-70% of all FMCG sales for major suppliers still go through major, brick-and-mortar supermarket channels; and the rest goes through IGA and/or smaller independents. Direct to market sales using online is still a new concept in fmcg institutions.

Buyer enablement is the provision of information or tools that support the completion of critical buying tasks. Personally, I advise my clients to offer ‘solutions to their customer problems’ rather than sell their product / brand benefits. Richard has worked closely with our organisation for the past four years.

How a new product is priced?

Penetration and skimming are two strategies which play a crucial role in deciding the price of a new product. When a new product is launched in the market, first and foremost it needs to meet and exceed the expectations of customers and then compete with other brands available in the market.

In fact, the radical differences in terms of consumer experience between bricks-and-mortar stores versus online is leaving much of the industry feeling stuck and confused about how to cut through. This list has been curated from the predictions of sources like Mintel, US-based retail giant Whole Foods Market, as well as our team of FMCG research buffs and their first-hand experience with Australian consumers. While many of us are still fond of a nice, high-quality tipple, the global “wellness” trend has caused some consumers to reevaluate their alcohol consumption and choices. This shift has created an array of new opportunities and challenges for brands and manufacturers. In these uncertain times, consumer behaviour is rapidly changing and becoming more and more unpredictable.

With Great Innovation Comes Great Marketing

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This area of research is also characterised by rapid changes in consumer preferences, and of course, in technology. Online retail and services like auto-renewals, one-tap purchases, same-day delivery have all changed the way we make ‘must have’ buys. We all love to shop socially, or integrate a social activity into our shopping experience. Understanding human needs will help us to understand trends and how important they are to retailers.

  • In today’s digital era, influential social media and digital marketing strategies and tactics are crucial for every successful product launch.
  • Lee has spent the past eight years with The Leading Edge, the last five-and-a-half as a managing partner.
  • In the case of FMCGs, this need is often weak and the desire low, meaning that the consumer needs an extra ‘push’ to convert.
  • With Richard, “what you see is what you get” – he is genuinely motivated by establishing ongoing relationships with both candidates and clients.

Consumers are able to easily compare the price of products across multiple firms and determine which is offering the lowest price. Firms are able to continually monitor the online prices of other retailers using web scraping tools to ensure their products are competitively priced, and to adapt quickly to changes in the retail environment. Categories that saw high demand and significant supply constraints in 2020, such as toilet paper, baking products, and even household cleaning products, require a pricing strategy adjustment. Similarly, multibuy promotion mechanics require reconsideration as they drive volume but also erode margins. Single pack promotions may be more appropriate than multipack and case volume buys. Great value for shoppers on promotion, but significantly less so to the manufacturers’ and retailers’ profitability.

Some of these are internal to the organisation such as costs, required rate of return, marketing and the marketing mix objectives etc. Others are external to the firm such as market competition, customers, demand and supply, environmental factors, government policy etc. All these factors need to be considered in formulating pricing strategy and in arriving at the optimum pricing decision. The cost of an item also helps define its perceived value to potential buyers, and the value of your brand.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The product or the services are aspects through which the companies conquer new markets/ old markets with new products. In this view, P&G strategic management has developed more than 165 products in 10 different categories (Proctor & Gamble, 2020a). The company has 165 brands that are divided into product categories of fabric, home, baby, feminine, family, grooming, oral, personal, and skincare. At the initial stages, the company was established to sell soap and candy but in recent times, the company has diversified into different categories. Therefore, P &G has become one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world (Proctor & Gamble, 2020b).


The success of Jetstar was not only the result of an aggressive pricing strategy, but also of the significant cost reductions from the high-cost model that Qantas was operating in. You may not want to give away free product, but you can incentivise customers with a free gift of another kind. Kellogg’s is currently running an offer to buy one of their specially marked products and get a free movie ticket.

Thus production, manufacturing, and transportation of the P&G strategic management are highly impacted by the pandemic . It is assumed that the GDP of the country will fall negatively during the pandemic situation and the economic crisis will remain at the end of 2020. The company has innovative strength that can be used in gaining a low cost of operations. This will help the company to introduce some of the categories at a low price that will attract valuable customers.

Strategic Pricing Excellence

It measured out-of-pocket living expenses, including mortgage interest payments. Companies gained across Sales, Revenue Management & Pricing, Category & Marketing. Matt’s experience spans all levels of sales operations, National Business Management (Coles, Woolworths & Convenience), Senior Brand Marketing and head of Category Management. Great market research can actually recommend a clear launch strategy for you and help you with trade stories to your key buyers.

For example, firms may decide to defer or cancel investment plans, or they may reduce the number of staff they employ or the number of hours their staff work. Some firms are even willing to forego profits to gain market share by ‘loss leading’ or selling products at a loss; this is likely to increase the risk that firms become unprofitable. This could have implications for the asset quality of banks if firms are unable to repay their debt obligations, though the flow-on effect to Australian banks so far appears minimal .

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Timely, often “blue-ocean”, product development for competition-free growth across your product portfolio & a loyal consumer franchise. Australian manufacturers and retailers are investing an exceptional amount of time and money executing promotions on a regular basis – with the hope that both parties will benefit from a maximum return on their investment. We help retailers provide a personalised shopping experience that engages consumers in the context of their buying journey and at the time and place that’s most convenient. Price following is a reactive strategy and the path of least resistance for many.

I greatly appreciate the super effort and quick response time and the fact Richard made every effort to make sure he understood my experience and made the effort to follow up and ensure all aspects of the role and engagement were covered. Richard is a charismatic individual with a clear vision and drive for excellence. He demonstrates a natural ability to listen to what his clients and candidates need and aims to meet and often exceed expectations. In doing so, he has forged solid relationships and has been extremely successful in his time in recruitment. Changing jobs is a daunting experience; so many recruitment agents out there telling you to settle for less than you are worth. He is all about finding you the best job and bringing the best most competent candidates to his clients.


Australian white South Sea pearls have an average diameter of 12-14mm but may reach an exceptional 20mm. Australia’s South Sea cultured pearl industry also produces half-pearls and a range of designer-ready ‘keshi’ pearls. Every year, mines across Australia’s vast and diverse terrain produce magnificent diamonds, sapphires and opals for global markets. Other companies such as Skin Doctors, Mayerling and Clear Skin Care produce dermatologist-based lines.

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Richard has a true understanding of his clients that sets him strides ahead of the competition. In other words, he doesn’t just recruit, he carefully sources the right candidate for the right organisational team that suites best for mutual long term achievement. Richard is a person who I highly recommend you call first for your next hire or looking for your next career step, either way please do try him. In the external environmental political, economic, and social factors are included.

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Do what research you can to work out who is still buying your product and why – and then, work out how to maximise what sale potential you have left. Or you can consider selling at a discount, in bundles, or with added extras to eke out what you can before you pull it completely. It’s important to have a clearly defined idea of your target market and of what the product represents.

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