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The Cancer Council are an inspirational charity, dedicated to funding research into the treatment of a variety of cancers. Hello Social together with the Development Factory teamed up to build Australia’s first Facebook application that accepts donations. We developed an intuitive app, with which users could make a contribution with just a few clicks. Social is all about sharing great content, so we aim to set an example by creating truly useful articles that will help you skyrocket to success.

We work with influencers to create compelling high engagement content to enhance perceptions of your brand, never to damage it. An influencer is someone on social media who has a large number of followers. There are several types of influencers, including ‘nano influencers’ with relatively small but loyal followings, through to ‘macro influencers’ with many thousands of followers. We are a digital marketing agency that specialises in hospitality marketing and food PR across Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Affiliate and Influencer Marketing is based on partner referrals from one business to another.

Instead, you want to focus on how relevant their existing content and audience is to your own target market, while also considering the kind of reach and engagement they can generate through their profiles. CODI can help you identify the ideal candidate to lead your influencer marketing campaign. As you can see, Instagram influencers can make a huge impact on your social media marketing efforts. They have the trust of an engaged audience, can create beautiful content for your brand, and bring you an authentic type of exposure you can’t get with traditional advertising. You have to understand the client to generate the swell – we take time to sit down and learn your needs and requirements.

Hypeauditor Finds That Influencer Marketing Wasnt Impacted By Lockdowns

If you don’t keep things fresh, you risk losing vital customer engagement. When it comes to influencer marketing, we know that you have some options. Plenty of companies and agencies claim to be the best influencer marketing agency in Australia.

I’ve been with Adaptify since the beginning of the year and can’t praise Jen and her team enough. Always on point with a quick turnaround for any web tweaks, I highly recommend them. Amazing company with a refreshing approach to marketing and lead generation. Results-driven and passionate team, we consider them an integral part of our overall marketing approach.


Media agencies are expected to add more robust influencer strings to their bow. But many of the challenges influencer marketing faces have ready-made solutions media agencies have experience with. Rules and regulation, brand safety, viewability, cost and budgeting are nothing new.

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“Our objective was to raise the awareness level of the show in Melbourne to trade and general consumers. We had a very tight lead time of two months; however, Polkadot Communications was able to secure coverage for us in trade newsletters, online magazines, metropolitan newspapers and radio – all core to our demographic. “Vibe Hotels engaged Polkadot Communications to help gain media coverage for the Summer Vibe campaign.

The type of influencer and package we set you up with will depend on your brand and industry. We offer anything from influencer events to utilising influencers for photoshoots and videography that showcases your business’ offering. We have relationships with influencers who are known within special interest circles – we have a great chance of matching one in an area suitable for your business.

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Your products or services will be promoted by some of the best influencers in your industry. Adaptifyunderstands how important tracking and analysing is in influencer marketing campaigns. This is why our social media influencer agency utilises innovative tools and apps available to analyse and track the reach, engagement, and the performance of these influencers. Adaptify can assist businesses by strategising and launching cost-effective and sales-focused influencer marketing campaigns to promote their products with trend leaders.

  • We have made our mark with over 20 years of industry experience and a myriad of high profile, successful launches of brands, services and products.
  • Our world-class communication sets us apart from others that claim to care for their clients, but can’t be bothered to answer questions or address concerns.
  • But if the regulators take a hard and consistent line – and have enough resources – a lot of influencers and the brands using them are heading for trouble.
  • So if an influencer made a post on their account promoting your brand, you may have to pay a licensing fee to reuse their content on your own social media account.
  • But with such power also comes a high level of responsibility for the consumer.
  • Western Australian Mummy blogger influencers were to attend and post a St John Tiny Totes Course to increase course participation numbers and spread the importance of training to be educated in case of an emergency.

We like to work a little different than the average social media agency. We carefully research each influencer looking into their profile metrics to ensure they’re legit and have a suitable look for your brand. Powerful influencer marketing campaigns require a strategic approach. To truly take your digital marketing strategy to the next level, it’s always best to have a helping hand from an experienced pro.

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Connect influencer marketing campaigns to actual sales and track the performance of different influencers and their content. Does the platform help you have clear licensee fees or copyrights agreements with your influencers? More and more influencers are working to ensure they’re compensated fairly for their content—not just upfront with what they share with their audience, but the value they create after the fact, too. So if an influencer made a post on their account promoting your brand, you may have to pay a licensing fee to reuse their content on your own social media account.

PR and Influencer Co-Ordinator – Pedestrian Jobs – Pedestrian TV

PR and Influencer Co-Ordinator – Pedestrian Jobs.

Posted: Tue, 07 Dec 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

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In the micro Influencer landscape it is more driven by the aforementioned wise friend advice feeling. What is the difference between Macro and micro Influencers you ask – I’m glad you did. Twenty6 Marketing is owned by Director Mikhailla Fitzgerald, and the team includes leading digital marketing specialists, ad strategists, brand manager and promotions coordinator. The team is here to support, grow and work alongside you as we endeavour to lead and nurture your brands digital success.

What Social Media Channels Get Most Of The Influencer Marketing Budgets?

Born Bred’s embracing of crypto along with their creative strategies shows the same spirit,” he added. In a press release, SIX60’s Ji Fraser said of the payment, “Born Bred’s foresight in a rapidly changing industry means that the team truly has their fingers on the pulse. We embed your brand into culture and convert your audience to champions through bespoke and innovative solutions. It was a pleasure to work with Word of Mouth, from the initial consult they constantly communicated with us keeping us in the loop with any changes or adjustment. Very happy with the final result of our website and the service provided.

What does an influencer talent agency do?

What Are Influencer Talent Agencies? Influencer talent agencies represent influencers. That means that they find promising social media or digital influencers and enter into contracts with them. Often, talent agencies work with the biggest, most expensive influencers, rather than micro-influencers.

We won’t just chase an influencer who has millions of followers, makes outlandish promises and who wears a lot of bikinis. Founded in 2005 out of a desire to do things differently and work with brands that felt the same, we’re now one of Australia’s leading independent agencies. Influencers are invited to take part in WOM campaigns where they share genuine recommendations about brands both online and face-to-face. Thanks to WeChat’s incredibly in-depth platform, there are numerous ways to engage your precise audience.

What Is An Influencer?

We believe in keeping our clients informed and ensuring that they are never left in the dark. Our world-class communication sets us apart from others that claim to care for their clients, but can’t be bothered to answer questions or address concerns. If you are wary of influencer marketing and know that it has potential but are worried about what could happen if you decide to go it alone, then call Blurn. We’ll make sure that you’re well taken care of and that you have all of the resources that you need to succeed. Get the latest media and marketing industry news direct to your inbox. As a high-contact management agency, if you’re looking to elevate your personal brand and commercial opportunities, look no further.

If the influencer is representing the brand through a video platform, it must be declared within the first 30 seconds of the video. Until recently, brands and influencers did not have to adhere to ethics, and neither party was required to fulfil contractual obligations. Influencer marketing is so effective, that it is globally considered to be one of the only marketing channels that has grown in popularity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’d love to hear your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.


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We also have our finger on the pulse of the rise of micro-influencers, so that we can find the right influencer that aligns with your targeted audience on all levels. While the biggest social media stars might have millions of followers, sometimes their huge audiences aren’t actually very engaged with the content they post. This reality has given rise to the concept of micro-influencers – relatable and accessible people that have between 5k and 50k followers. As audiences tend to feel a greater sense of authenticity and trust with these accounts, engagement can actually be much higher compared to celebrities. Meanwhile, organising campaigns with micro-influencers is far more cost-effective for brands. As more brands have built successful campaigns around this marketing style, there has been a steady shift towards micro-influencers – social media figures who have between 5k and 50k followers.

With 800 million active users, it’s clear why Instagram has become the platform of choice for influencer marketing. 72% of users said they have made fashion, beauty or style-related purchases after seeing something on Instagram, demonstrating its power in the digital marketing landscape. The Exposure Co, an Australian Influencer management company released research in 2018 on Australian social media use as below.

How much money does 1k Instagram followers make?

Many brands will only offer you free products. But, some companies will pay $10 per 1,000 followers, while others pay over $800 per 1,000 followers. You can maximize the money you make when you publish sponsored photos.

While there aren’t any options for monetisation on the platform at the moment, Eight Clients works with TikTok influencers to create original campaigns to showcase and tell your brand’s story. Through influencer marketing, we are able to build your brand awareness and presence both locally and internationally. One of the main benefits of influencer marketing is that it is a highly targeted form of marketing.

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