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Branding is one of the most important things about running a business, but many people are confused about just what a “brand” is. Some people consider it to just be the name of the company, while others consider it to be just about anything related to a company. So what is a brand? What defines a brand? It gets a little complicated.

How Far Do You Want to Go In Your Business?

The branding for your company goes deep and can be defined by how far you want to go in business. If you are committed to running a successful business, then you want to have a strong brand. There’s more to branding Brisbane than just a logo and a unique name. How far you want to go in business can even become part of your branding. Some companies are happy to be local-level “mom and pop stores”, while others have ambitions of becoming national and international companies. How many times have you heard people suggest that you should buy local and avoid using national corporations? Which side of the argument you fall on is down to personal preference, but how far you plan to take the company could become a part of the branding.

How Much do you Care About your Business?

Everyone cares about their business of course, but some people care more than others. Some people see their business as just a way to make money, while others really care about their business and helping it succeed. Think about businesses where even the business owner has put in time on the ground floor, just because they care that much. Those businesses tend to have a positive brand. When the business owner clearly cares about their business, it makes others care about them too – especially if the owner is personable and people like them. Then there are others who seem happy to sit at the sidelines and watch things progress. Once again, different approaches create different branding Brisbane perceptions.

What is your Goal in Business?

Can you define the goals of your business? What you hope to get out of it? This can be part of your branding. Think about businesses that have a lot of charitable ambitions and have a clear goal to use their energy and money for charitable causes. That becomes part of their branding. People know them as the company that does those charitable things.

Who are your Competitors?

Branding Experts understand that even your competitors can become a part of your brand. Think about some of the great rivalries in businesses – Apple vs Microsoft, McDonald’s vs Burger King, Dominos vs Pizza Hut. Then there are the brands on the outside that offer an alternative, such as Linux and Wendy’s. Being the “alternative” can be great branding if people are tired of having to deal with a small handful of options. People like having choice and they’ll get behind a brand that offers them that choice.

What is a Brand?

A brand is essentially everything that goes into making your business who and what it is. This includes your ambitions for the company; how much time, effort, and care you invest in it; your overall business goals; and your competition. Branding Experts can help you to determine and define what your “brand” is. Get in touch today to learn more and get started.

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