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August 15, 2021
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Sydney Seo Marketing

We take a holistic look at you’re website and check for any non-compliant Google issues such as titles, descriptions, site download times, and the architecture of the site. We’re super enthusiastic SEO consultants who thrive on proving to new clients what’s feasible and possible online. The internet is teeming with golden opportunities, especially if you’ve got stable Google rankings that sit comfortably on page 1. Our team is ready to work with you to create a customised SEO strategy that will inundate your business with high-converting leads. Not every month will be a record-breaker and some months – we need to delve into the numbers to understand outcomes. If there is a month that does not live up to expectations – we are always accountable.

What does SEO specialist do?

As an SEO specialist you’ll identify strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the number of visitors to a website and obtain a high-ranking placement in the results page of search engines. By generating more leads for the business you’ll open up new opportunities for driving growth and profit.

With decades of experience in SEO and extensive knowledge in the health, finance and tech industries, we’re certain no two businesses are the same. It depends on the rank of your website, you get the traffic and leads. It pays to rank high, thus hiring an SEO marketing company can do wonders for your traffic and incoming leads. According to a new study, there have been new findings that Google Organic clicks are shifting to pay.

Looking For Sydney Seo With Exceptional Service And Accountability?

The first is a steady money stream, second is brand recognition while the third is strengthening your Search Engine Optimization strategy. All three features are interconnected and vitally important to the success of the online aspect of your business. Within short period of time, we have 18 keywords on page #1 of Google which is an outstanding result and good return on investment. With access to real-time performance data and the option to cancel at any time, without incurring any fees, you stay in control of your budget. Furthermore, our custom approach to Sydney SEO ensures we can create bespoke SEO packages to suit all budgets. Our in-house experts recognise the importance of personalised SEO.


I would highly recommend Digital Surfer to anyone wanting to grow their business and be ahead of their competition.They are meticulous with detail and results have been evident quicker than even expected. They keep in contact constantly to ensure that the results keep coming and you are on page one of google and stay there. They have taken care of our SEO with a minimum of fuss and have had a dramatic influence on the success of our business. Even though we have not had everything in place to maximise their work. Currently they are guiding us through the process of getting us up to scratch to exponentially increase the benefits of their work.

Why You Need Our Seo Services?

At Safari Digital, it is our job to create content and optimise your website in a way that allows Google and Bing to easily crawl and understand everything on the page. In addition to creating SEO friendly content, it’s also critical to create content that users genuinely want to read. There is no point creating SEO rich content that’s easy for search bots to crawl but impossible for users to read. Your custom audit will help us to uncover your most valuable key phrases and make sure your website appears on the first page when prospective customers are searching for them. We want to get your website ranking #1 for key terms that are going to propel your business forward. Unlike PPC marketing services, SEO will continue to work for your business long after you have paid your final invoice.

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Do You Know Where Yourank On Google?

As a world-class SEO agency in Sydney, First Page knows the tricks of the trade in getting your website linked by some of the more reputable sites out there. A backlink, put simply, is any link on a website that leads to another one. Understanding how SEO works is only the first step to the desired result. Partner with the right SEO agency in Sydney, and watch the sales roll in on autopilot. If you’re ready to explode your traffic, arrange your free strategy call with a Digital Strategist.


With our curious minds and desire to succeed, we are a team of Sydney SEO specialists that are hungry and eager to make your business grow. As Sydney’s leading SEO agency, we’ve developed a streamlined process to identify high-intent keywords, improve your rankings, optimise your results, and fuel continual growth. We never guarantee rankings and we don’t believe any Sydney SEO company should either.

Seo Consultant Sydney

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GWM search engine optimisation services will help you rank high in search results, collect recommendations about your business, etc. all with our on-page and off-page efforts. By implementing local SEO tactics, you can ensure that major search engines are ranking your content highly when users search for related services, products and businesses within specific areas. By using Google analytics, you can measure the outcomes of individual campaigns in real time and compare the data to that of previous periods. Analytics displays data from all the channels, which are directing traffic to your site, including backlinks, social media, direct traffic, paid search and organic search. This will let you know what is effective in terms of advertising and what is ineffective. If you are currently spending money on PPC, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing – Google analytics tracking will enable you to monitor your return on investment.

Is SEO marketing profitable?

Yes! SEO as a business is profitable — direct, honest communication will be your key to success. … SEO is a long-term marketing initiative. You’ll work with your customers for the months and years to come.

We work with specific components and metrics to compile a detailed report for our clients. Our team analyses your website performance at every level and prepares a comprehensive report for you. SEO reports can include competitive SEO analysis, audits, keyword performance, keyword rankings, link reporting and much more based on your requirements. As a leading professional SEO services provider in Australia, our first step is understand your business, industry, competition, requirements and goals. Based on our discussions, we plan and strategise our SEO services to channelise your business. We take proactive measures to enhance the user experience of your website.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Figure out what people are looking for that aligns with problems you can help solve and create appropriate landing pages with supporting content. It’s not that you can’t figure it out eventually if you dedicate enough time to it, but if you don’t learn fast enough you’ll always be too far behind those that have figured it out. You have to ask yourself how many hundreds of hours you’re willing to put into learning how to do this well. To be on the top of Google Search you need to hire efficient, result-oriented SEO experts Sydney services who know to play by the rules of Google.

Why Having An Seo Strategy Is Important

It was fantastic to have the tutor ask about our specific businesses and go through some of our websites individually. Really informative and in depth despite being only a 1 day course. Tutor did really well to explain and help understand the content. We are the SEO professionals that guarantee to get you to the top faster so you realise your return on investment sooner. We have closely worked with our clients needs and helped them achieve their goals.

  • SEO nowadays is complicated and requires a strategist, SEO specialists, content marketers, UX design team and web designers.
  • We want you to understand exactly what we’re doing to help build your business online.
  • Search engines have moved towards the Experience/Authority/Trust algorithm.
  • Because SEO in Sydney makes your website stand out among a sea of competitors, explodes your traffic, and is a key component of any profitable business.
  • We believe this specialty is necessary to keep our clients at the respective forefront of their industries.
  • SEO Sydney When you are on top of Google it’s like owning the best real estate in the main street of town.

We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our process is targeted, driven by attention to detail and centred on the unique traits of the brands we work with. We’ll never treat you like another number in our books; we care just as much about your business as you do. We’re not salesmen trying to sell snake oil; we’re fully-fledged specialists in our field, and just want to help brands like you become well-known specialists in yours. With integrity and honesty driving everything we do, our SEO Sydney team is devoted to putting hands on hearts and sparking growth that genuinely changes lives. Our SEO agency in Sydney will first sit with your team, asking all the right questions about what makes your brand tick. From your hurdles to your goals, we’ll investigate your budget and challenges, finding out where the biggest opportunities sit using Sydney SEO.

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It doesn’t matter how good your goods or services are, if users cannot find them in Google – you are missing out. If we believe that your business is better off investing in other digital marketing services – we’ll be the first to tell you. We are upfront about the investment, time, and resources required to deliver the best SEO in Sydney. If there is a better way for you to spend your digital marketing budget to attract the right website traffic – we have a network of trusted partners who we are happy to put you in touch with.


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With Google and Bing, a website can be listed in a short period of time. However, high rankings can take anywhere from four to six months. Less competitive keywords can take less time, highly competitive keywords, can take longer. With all the algorithm updates Google made in 2013, it has become extremely important for digital marketing specialists and webmasters to take a more careful and serious approach to SEO. As a result, effective SEO is not about getting fast results, but long term results that are as ‘Google future proof’ as possible. Our team of SEO marketing experts who specialise in link building make a list of potential prospects, i.e. websites who are influential in your industry and publish topics relevant to your line of business.

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A successful Sydney SEO service revolves around strategic SEO campaign planning, from content marketing to build links and social media marketing and other related activities. With well-planned SEO strategies, your business will increase its visibility on various search engines like Bing and Google. Suppose you want to market your business utilising organic search to develop a long-term online presence. In that case, you have no idea how SEO works and would instead focus the energy on running your Sydney business.

Visit the Extensions page on the Chrome Web Store and download yours today. It crawls through your webpages and checks the status of your hyperlinks for broken links, in other words, the links that lead to a webpage that no longer exists, for example. It also allows you to copy these links with a single click of a button. This will allow you to track which of your links are functioning properly and which need to be repaired.

What Type Of Businesses Do You Provide Your Seo Services?

The best indicator to establish if an SEO campaign works well is when you see increased traffic for keywords. This directly relates to the website you have optimised with an SEO-focused content strategy and promotes those pages via link building tactics. An excellent way to monitor any improved organic traffic levels and find out where the traffic is coming from is by using Google Analytics and the Google Search Console. We formulate a tailored SEO strategy based on the insights from our audit and discovery phase, as well as our previous experience and competitor analysis. Many agencies charge for SEO based on how many keywords are included in the campaign.

Whether it’s through credible publications or guest blogs, all of these efforts help you rank. Off-page elements of SEO refer to optimising everything that sits outside of your website. The tricky thing is, a lot of this isn’t always in your control. Factors include things like reviews, backlink building from authoritative websites, PR, directory listings, social media signals and more. SEO isn’t a new technique, but building a winning strategy takes work.

Contact one of our Sydney SEO consultants for more information today! From there, we will prepare a bespoke strategy SEO proposal that will outline the roadmap needed to deliver SEO success to your Sydney business. If a website is not reputable and has poor metrics, maybe the site has been used for black hat SEO practices and could potentially be part of a link building network.

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