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July 8, 2021
Low Cost Marketing
July 8, 2021

Marketing And Promotion Strategies

Low Cost Effective Marketing Strategies

The old fashioned way of attending industry conferences, ted talks, trade shows, seminars and professional events to meet new people from the industry. Not only is this a low-cost marketing technique to sell yourself and your business, but you could also potentially obtain information about others. Information that could prove to be valuable for you in the future. Some can help you reach a wider audience, some can help increase lead conversion, some both. For companies with a relatively low budget, this is good news because it allows for more flexibility and options.

Create Informative Articles:

Attribution, simply explained, is how you credit separate channels, or touchpoints within those channels, for the role they played in a prospect’s path to purchase or goal completion. If people visited your site a single time and then either converted or left for good, attribution would be simple. The channel that drove them to the site, let’s say Google Ads, would be correctly attributed the full value of the purchase or goal. One of the scariest things we hear when speaking to clients is that they intend to make all of their decisions based on data. 2020 showed that, for some businesses, options were limited with shutdowns and lockdowns having massive impacts globally. But there were also many industries that stabilised as the year went on and even some who benefited from the changes in consumer behaviour.

Define Your Market

Contact bloggers with relevant, engaged audiences and offer to send them new products for free in exchange for an honest review. If you have a great product, they’ll love it and tell everyone. You need to create a foundation for your online presence and focus on getting in front of the right people, quickly and efficiently. A lot of promotional advice you find recommends pouring money into ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google.

Guerilla Marketing Tactics That Will Generate Publicity For Your Startup – Business 2 Community

Guerilla Marketing Tactics That Will Generate Publicity For Your Startup.

Posted: Wed, 22 Dec 2021 20:12:29 GMT [source]

Run a test within your business to connect with at least 30 people in your target market with a short note to go along with your connection request. Check the last five ads you put up on Facebook or Instagram – do they encourage interaction with your target audience? Are you getting genuine comments with people tagging others who may be interested in your products and services? Promotional products are cost-effective, offering an enviably low “cost per impression” – a major bonus when working with a limited marketing budget. High profile options such as billboards, television or radio ad can offer great exposure but are extremely costly.

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Steps To Marketing Your Business

You can use hashtags on posts in your feed or on Instagram Stories, like @havertysfurniturefor National Turtle Day. That message speaks to your customer base, but is also compelling enough that many blogs and even news sites might want to feature and link back to it. You might create an infographic that talks about the environmental benefits of bicycling. Some points or figures you might include in the infographic could be how much a daily commute saves in fuel emissions, as well as a comparison of the total number of car owners and bike owners. Learn how to go from first day to first sale in this free training course.

Digital Marketing

Welcome to our Business Consulting page for marketing a Small Business online. Perhaps not, but can you afford to ignore what we are about to tell you about small business marketing Post Covid-19? Here we explain the tools our business marketing consultants can employ to market and grow your SME business. Crafting copy based on search intent has always been the norm for SEO-specific content.

Instant Brand Recall And Exposure

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B2B (business-to-business marketing) refers to promoting products and services to other businesses and organisations. Don’t let scanty budgets deter you from social media promotion, or running paid campaigns. Now unearth the power of paid campaigns to promote some of your top performing content. Using small budgets smartly, make sure that you can make more use of the content that you create and strike a balance. Our student centric digital marketing service can improve your marketing efforts and successfully analyse your target market, discovering methods to engage with them on the most effective channel.

Mobile-friendly sites are a must, according to 72% of users, while those who encounter non-mobile-optimised sites are five times more likely to abandon the site altogether. Data from Shopify also shows that online shoppers spend 23% more and have a 25% higher cart size when local delivery and pick up are offered by independent retailers. Our consumer trend data shows that nearly a third of buyers bought something online and had it delivered to their home during the first three months of the pandemic. You also have more control over targeting who you want to see your content, as opposed to being limited to your existing audience for your organic efforts. Engagement is critical to keep any online community alive and well.

Social Media Brandjacking

To do that, you can conduct a survey or use data analysis to gather information about them. You have probably heard the saying that you have to spend money to make money and this is never more apparent than in marketing and advertising. Community marketing is all about connecting, engaging, and establishing long-term relationships with existing customers within a group or community of similar people.

So, now is the perfect time to make use of it and maintain a close-knit and productive working environment, no matter where your team is based. This type of marketing has significantly less costs of other media such as Television and all you need is a push button and your message will be delivered to the listener’s ear. There is a common misconception that business awards are only for large companies with massive pulling power. However, award ceremonies are calendar fixtures in every industry and those that don’t put themselves or their employees forward stand to miss out on a number of advantages. Just make sure you have a plan, go well prepared and address needs in person.


As an example, if you spend one hundred dollars on marketing and receive one hundred new customers, your customer acquisition cost would be one dollar. The breakdown isn’t usually that straightforward, but the equation is that simple. This is great for person to person interaction as well as for a modern business. Making a genuine connection with your consumers is made easier by utilising social media platforms to reach out and interact directly. Contact us for an online marketing solution to build your brand and grow revenue. Your target market should have a need for your product or service and be willing to pay for your offer.


Be careful to avoid the ‘let’s see how it goes’ approach; because that doesn’t end well. Another reason behind this criticism is that most of these naysayers have failed due to poor cold calling attempts. Like every other technique in the world, cold calling has a proper procedure that must be followed to ensure success. The first and most important of which, is a high performance script.

Why Every Retailer Should Have a Post-Holiday Marketing Strategy – Software Advice

Why Every Retailer Should Have a Post-Holiday Marketing Strategy.

Posted: Mon, 20 Dec 2021 15:55:48 GMT [source]

Examples of popular CRMs include HubSpot, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Variable data printing is an amplified version of this age-old technique. Variable data printing allows companies to use all the information that they have on their current and potential customers to output effective, targeted marketing strategies. Choosing multiple activities that complement each other is a good way to help you get your message across. When used together, these strategies complement each other and help you reach a broader market.

Is it the one that drove them to you in the first place (known as first-click attribution)? Or is it the channel that delivered them to you when they finally reached the goal (known as last-click attribution)? Alternatively, does it make more sense for you to equally value all the channels that drove a particular person to your site prior to them converting ? These are only three of many ways to attribute credit to different marketing channels whenever a goal is reached. An article published ontechnomarketinginc.comstated that 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they had received in the last two years. According, in the USA 76% of participants could recall the name of the advertiser on a promotional product they received in the past 12 months.

What is cost-effective way?

adjective. Something that is cost-effective saves or makes a lot of money in comparison with the costs involved.

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A social media calendar helps you to post the right content at the right time and gives your audience a time frame of when they will see new content. The suggestion is that 80 per cent of your content should inform your audience and 20 per cent should promote your services. Customer relationship management is a technology for managing your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. CRM technology includes tools used by sales, customer service and marketing teams and is constantly evolving.

Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Small Business

It is essential to clearly define who you are as a brand before you can even begin to market it. Close-range marketing campaigns target consumers who are within a certain radius of a business or venue and have activated their phones to receive media from marketers. We can’t think of a better example than NZ’s Prime Minister – transparent, candid and regularly updating her community. At the very least we recommend you plan for a bi-weekly video update from your Principal to your community, that you share on social media. We believe it’s an opportune time to do some innovative, cost-effective marketing initiatives, whilst also getting your ducks lined up. This is where you define the locations where you distribute your product or service.

  • It is important to note that most people visit social media sites to be entertained so keep your content light and entertaining.
  • That message speaks to your customer base, but is also compelling enough that many blogs and even news sites might want to feature and link back to it.
  • However, there are plenty of simple ways you can scale your marketing efforts and maximise your exposure to prospective clients.
  • It can be done by creating posts that are promotional or with content that is entertaining.
  • It may also be financial performance or sales, or some other business metric that is a trigger for their purchase.

It’ll make sure your marketing efforts are focused and put your time and money to good use. Another great way to promote your business locally is by getting local press coverage. Getting a story in the local news is not only free but can also drive thousands of potential customers to your website or local shop. The hashtag has organized a big part of the social web according to conversations, making it easy to join in on discussions and events by posting under the ones that are relevant to your brand.


One area they are pushing hard on is what they call responsive ads. In February 2020, when we last published this guide, I spoke of the need to be smart and to keep up with the frequent changes in marketing. I signed off by hoping that 2020 was going to be everyone’s best marketing year yet. The next time the clothing retailer takes this one step further and gets it right!

Which advertising is highly targeted and low cost advertising medium?

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Reach your target audience at a low cost. Facebook allows small businesses to tap into their audience affordably. These ads will cost a fraction of what other online and traditional marketing channels cost.

At this stage, they may visit your website for the first time or browse a list of products that you sell. As they move down the funnel to interest, the customer might take actions including researching your products, signing up for a mailing list, or reading reviews. My advice to business is to implement a marketing strategy using content as the backbone and develop a process that easily syndicates it on as many platforms as you.

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