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August 14, 2021
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August 14, 2021

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One way to create, impact, engage and grow your audience is through social media marketing. Basically, it is a combined approach that establishes your social media presence and builds up audience engagement. More exposure for your brand, more potential leads for your business. Social Media Advertising works best when a strong strategy is built on top of a target audience and clear goal setting. Common issues spring from campaigns created without a clear purpose or direction, having budgets and resources wasted by going to broad with their approach. The key skill and benefit behind Social Media Advertising is the wealth of data collected by the platforms, allowing businesses to target their audiences with more success than ever before.

Social Media Management Services To Maximize User Engagement

We use our strategic analysis and insights aligned to your business goals to ensure a targeted paid advertising campaign that delivers a positive return on investment for your business. This will depend on what social media services you require with us. If you are looking for a comprehensive social media strategy and action plan for your business, this is an extremely collaborative process that can take between 6-8 weeks to develop.

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Social Connection’s marketing strategy can also increase your brand awareness and reach new customers that are struggling to find you and increase your website conversion. Online marketing can be used to boost your website’s SEO and help drive targeted traffic. It is also the best tool to connect with customers and to build a strong brand image, which results in increased brand loyalty. With the power of digital marketing, your company will discover customers you didn’t know existed and vice versa. These customers will be more likely to buy from you, thereby increasing sales. Paid advertising focuses on building online awareness, website traffic, customer acquisition, app downloads and driving ecommerce sales as required by the campaign strategy.

Social Media Insights

Gone are the days of throwing up an organic post on social and hoping for the best. As Zuckerberg continues to change the game for all of us – alongside platforms following behind the Metaverse-to-be – there is more than ever before to get your head around. When you’re a brand that’s never dabbled in the intricacies of social media advertising, this is a tricky thing to do. It’s time to put the spotlight back on your business, allowing you to take centre stage on the world’s most widely used networks. If you’re ready to shout out loud, we’re ready to give you the voice. At Shout, we know how to turn thumbs up into tangible conversions for your business.

How We Approach Social Media Marketing:

National Tiles’ social pages saw an increase in traffic of 400% during the campaign period, leading to a reduction in the cost per sale by 45%. All of a sudden, they were the major player in their category in both traditional and digital media. Simply by overhauling their social media advertising with Shout. At Shout, we’ve been the social media management agency of choice for many brands over the years.

We’ll boost your visibility online by posting eye-catching, irresistible content, that not only engages your audience but positions you as the must-try choice. You’ll get a Scroll Stopping Social Media Content Strategy that’s tailored to get more customers through the door. We were so fortunate, to have Adrian assisting us with web-designing and the lot.

Serious campaigns built to destroy competition and dominate. We are the Social Media Generation that understands channels out there. We create and run social ads that lead to positive results. People often forget that social media also entails tough performance.

Amplify Your Strategy With Social Media Services

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What Makes Light Forest’s Social Media Agency Different?

Their style of SEO is much better than the last company we hired. We took Gioia from $40k pm in sales to over $155k pm in sales in 3 months. Increased conversions from 0.6% to 1.4% which doubled their revenue in 2 weeks. Select from a collection of pre-defined services that meet your needs. We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on. She loves expressing her creativity whether that be through writing, photography or design.

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What Can You Expect From A Social Media Marketing Strategy?

We engaged SearchMax to conduct a Google ads audit and a Social Media audit to uncover some of the technical issues we are currently facing. SearchMax went above and beyond to uncover some of our tracking issues and provide options into how we can resolve them. The audit findings were presented via a 2 hour Zoom session and they took the time to undestand our business and requirements. Further they opened our eyes into endless possibilities with Google shopping ads and advanced optimisation techniques that were definitely not looking into. Hemi and Ranee talked us through the importance of feed optimization and rule based advertising. Social audit uncovered campaign targeting issues that we need to pay attention to and how our brand can be part of the customer’s journey.

This approach maximises every dollar invested, and ensures you achieve ongoing sales with your customers. We work with all clients to develop clear sales strategies and develop sales funnels to ensure this occurs. Social media isn’t just for watching cat videos, it’s for the savvy business owner that wants to connect and influence their prospects and customers. There are thousands of unique groups and segments within social media desperate to hear of your product or service, and how it can help them.

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People prefer to listen to real people, not sales representatives from brands. There are thousands of ‘digital agencies’ out there, but what you want is a team of social experts you can count on to deliver results at an affordable price. ​Your grid is a powerful way to connect with your audience within seconds. If you want viewers to stick around long enough to read your captions, your images need to be engaging enough for them to tap on. If the grid isn’t appealing, your viewers won’t convert into followers and possible customers. The Social landscape is constantly changing, and although majority of our campaigns are currently run across Facebook and Instagram, this won’t always be the case.

We don’t have a set standard ‘gold, silver, bronze’ system, for example.; we’d rather give everyone gold service. Importantly, the social media plan that we put in place for you isn’t ‘static’. We don’t ‘set and forget’ and we stay on our toes every second of every day. You might be thinking, yeah, sure, I’ve heard it all before. Those are some impressive results, but what makes you different from every other social media agency claiming to be the best?

eCommerce Coordinator – Pedestrian TV

eCommerce Coordinator.

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Now, you can take advantage of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to build a solid reputation, create a strong voice and ultimately, connect with your audience on a greater level. All thanks to our social media marketing services in Melbourne creating a voice for brands. Social media marketing is all about communicating with your audience and having a conversation to increase engagement. Our main goal is to provide the foundation and develop a conversation throughout various social channels for your brand. As a social media agency in Melbourne, we work closely with brands throughout Australia including Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

  • Sam is the Director/Founder of Milkbar Digital and has spent the past decade working across some of Australia’s most loved brands, including Priceline Pharmacy and
  • Urban Activation is in strong hands with 29 years of Media experience and John’s team of digital natives.
  • We will develop an online advertising strategy based on the needs of your business to lead traffic to your website.
  • If you’re new to social media, and have little or no followers, it can feel like standing at the foot of Everest.
  • Clearwater Agency is an Australian owned and operated, providing digital services to Australian businesses, large and small.

At this point, Shout will determine the best activity, platforms and audience segments required to achieve the commercial outcomes defined in step one. We like to keep quality control over everything we do to ensure we deliver high quality work to all our clients. Amazing team generated a lot of sales for my brand within the first couple of months working with them. “Increased our sales dramatically since starting with Social Connection. Professional and highly attentive team.”

Our campaign audit and review will provide you with clarity and insights to assess your current marketing performance. Your proven skills will be truly valued by all at this family owned company as we continue to lead the industry. Following the competition announcement, we recruited hundreds of volunteers through online promotion, encouraging social sharing to maximise reach. The #EvianBackyard campaign was successfully run, with entries coming through both Facebook and Instagram. An innovative approach, leveraging team participation allowed us to build upon the foundation of an existing audience, attracting a broader network of relevant fans.

Get likes and shares with a ‘main course’ of leads and sales. Our social advertising campaigns deliver an end to end solution. Our strategists work with our technical and creative teams to implement, execute and manage your campaign. All our Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube and LinkedIn Ad campaigns are account managed by dedicated social media specialists in Melbourne who provide you with performance reporting, consultation and support. Hello Social is trusted as the voice of multinational brand Amway on social media. Our team took on the task of developing, and implementing a strategy for Facebook.

Mumbrella’s Summer Shorts Series – Episode Four – Mumbrella

Mumbrella’s Summer Shorts Series – Episode Four.

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It will include your custom audience personas, scroll stopping content pillars and 3 custom campaign concepts developed for your venue. We’re digital marketing experts specialising in paid & organic social media marketing across thelive music, events & ticketing, eCommerce, fashion, travel and lifestyleindustries. Unlike organic social media, paid social makes sure that your ad is seen by your chosen audience, leading the way to increased leads, the website traffic and sales. With paid social, you can identify an audience set based on specific options, such as gender, location, age, amongst many other demographic options. Explore trends and dig into creative ways to add touchpoints and customer value to your campaigns. Our marketing experts understand online business and what is required to create engaging websites that drive conversions.

Social Media is an ever-evolving necessity – it can be your business’s best friend or greatest thorn. Get it right and you’ll build strong, meaningful and lasting relationships with customers, who’ll help spread your message. Social media marketing is a cost-effective technique to accomplish your clients without spending a hefty amount.

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We can help to create PR and Brand Awareness strategies that will ensure your business stands out and attracts the attention of your target audience. This will really depend on what your specific social media marketing goals are. As with any digital marketing campaign, social media efforts should be targeted.

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