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July 3, 2021
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Using Social Media To Market Your Business

Cost Of Implementing Social Media Campaign

You can monitor the performance of your campaign and make adjustments quickly and easily. Planning is also a must to ensure that your campaign is executed flawlessly in a professional manner. As of the third quarter of 2018, Facebook alone had 2.27 billion monthly active users according to Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

The Comprehensive Guide To Investing Your Digital Marketing Budget

This unit applies to individuals working in adverse range of sectors and business contexts. They operate independently, under limited supervision from others, and are responsible for making a range of operational decisions. Reload does not perform community management for our client i.e. responding to social media comments, brand mentions and jumping in to relevant live conversations across all social media channels. By understanding your target market and goals, our team will develop an action plan for developing and implementing social media content your customers and prospects will love and engage with. TaggerMedia is an all-in-one influencer marketing softwarethat can help you manage end to-end influencer campaigns.

When you set up an Instagram advertising campaign, the standard approach is to target your audience based on specific demographic or psychographic filters like interests and past behaviour. However, brands can also choose to create their own custom audience from a private source of information. For example, a custom audience on Instagram can be based on website traffic, a certain app activity or previous engagement with your content. As these people have already displayed an interest in your business, reaching them with targeted advertisements can deliver amazing results. We have years of experience in social media marketing and can answer all your queries. We also provide expertise in planning and strategising so that you don’t have to spend so much time doing it yourselves.

Social Media Marketing Management Services

This minimum amount could be per day, per click or per impression. Once you’ve decided which social platforms to use in your ad campaign, you can explore the detailed audience targeting options available to you on that platform. Because people click on or care about your ads when they are relevant. Targeting and retargeting help your ads find relevant audiences. A budget of this size will means you can now start to expand on your marketing tactics. You’ll have a small amount of money to invest in some paid advertising or other tactics that require an investment.

Social Media & Content Management

A digital strategy requires multiple meetings, however most of the strategy is completed off site by Feed’s strategists. By and large, the most important data will revolve around understanding which channels drive engagement and customers to the business. This can be measured by dedicated social media analytics themselves or through Google Analytics. 20% of people will read the text on a page or ad, but 80% will watch a video. We’ve talked about this tactic briefly, but it is a cost-effective way to run your digital campaign.

How much should a marketing consultant charge?

For your average marketing consultant, fees are most commonly in the $100-$175 per hour range. This can cause sticker shock to those that are comparing it to the salary of an employee that might be closer to $30 an hour ($60,000 per year).

The greater your reach becomes, the more followers you attract and this enables you to become an influencer in your industry market. As you syndicate content to your social media accounts, you are building a following consisting of potential customers, existing customers as well as your recent customers. Every interaction that these people have with your brand is another chance of converting them from leads into paying customers.

What You Should Consider When Hiring A Digital Marketing Consultant

For this reason, it is vital that your business not only has a strong presence on social networks, but also serves a place for your consumers to meet, interact, and share experiences with your brand or products. Marketing a property development or boutique community requires media spend to push your social (Facebook & Instagram) and Google ads out to the right people. You want your advertising campaign to have high impressions and a low cost per click, regardless of the marketing channel involved. Brand awareness is all about getting attention, and lots of it, through advertising channels. Ensuring your website has relevant and informative blogs with a powerful headline can be of huge benefit here, as it can position you as a market leader, as well as help bring organic searches to your website. By building your social media presence you will increase your exposure, which in turn leads to more people visiting your website.

Think of knowledge not just in terms of your team’s skill sets but also in terms of your broader understanding of the role each marketing channel can play in your campaign and what it’ll take to execute it. Learning a new channel from the ground up costs much more in terms of your time than one you already understand – even if only at a surface level. As you’re planning your channels, you’ll need to account not just for your initial costs, but for the level of spending you’ll need to maintain until you’re able to successfully leverage them. You may not need eight months to optimize your PPC campaign, but unless you’re a PPC wizard, you shouldn’t expect to be instantly profitable from day one. We like to compile a buyer persona or customer avatar, both to answer these questions and to check the targeting of future marketing campaigns. Hubspot has agreat templateto use when you’re ready to go through the process.

Private Social Network Services

Reposting your users’ content is a good way to build community engagement and it’s usually the social posts and ads that perform the best because it’s not the kind of content that’s screaming ‘I’m an ad’. The platform has around 680 million active users and, like Snapchat, is best used for B2C businesses. It is specifically good for brand awareness and advertising, particularly when incorporating TikTok trends into videos to drive engagement and shareability. Now, you might be wondering how often you should post content on your social media channels.

What Does A Digital Marketing Consultant Do?

We will help you create compelling content that will leave your competitors envious. Online Marketing is a fantastic way for your brand to stand out and be memorable. New potential customers are savvy and constantly on the look out for new brands with great content. Being visible and engaging will help attract these potential customers to your brand.

As marketers it’s our job to tell you if your website sucks and what needs to be changed. We build a buzz around your products and services, and we deal with your followers professionally and pleasantly. We use every public conversation as a chance to build trust, credibility and to position you as the go-to business in your niche.

First Page’s extensive digital marketing expertise means we’ll put everything we’ve got into determining your ideal Instagram audience, with compelling messages and creative that drive likes, comments and shares. Instagram is beloved by brands around the world because numerous engaging advertising formats open up your digital marketing possibilities. Standard in-feed image ads appear as single posts in the feed, while video ads can run for up to 60 minutes now that IGTV ads have been reworked. If you’re looking to showcase more of your product or brand, carousel ads allow creators to upload up to 10 images or videos that users can swipe through in a single post. Shopping ads have also become a highly productive outlet for brands wanting to boost conversions.

We use cutting edge social media strategies to drive the right types of customers and fans to your brand. Our social media campaigns involve consumer research, market analysis and strategic planning to deliver outstanding results for your marketing spend. Paid advertisements are a great tactic for reaching a bigger audience on social media. We can serve ads to new and existing customers based a range of criteria including their demographics, interests and behaviours. This high level targeting reduces the risk of marketing spend ‘wastage’. Every social media advertising campaign we design is tailor made for your brand to complement your budget as well as your business goals and objectives.

  • By using Google AdWords, you can choose which of your ideal demographic or target audience views your advertisements.
  • As we determine whether push vs pull marketing is the right approach for your brand, our strategy will ensure your business overcomes the competition and skyrockets its success.
  • It’s worth noting here though that as part of your pre-marketing you should review your website and make sure it has all the elements you need for promoting, marketing and selling your book.
  • Social Marketing/Advertising, on the other hand, employs techniques that will promote your product to users of social media platforms, the biggest of which are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Essentially transforming the look and feel of your pages to draw in more appeal from your target audience.

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It’s also important to discover what your customers care about and what makes them tick. We discover who your audience is on a personal level, their attitudes, lifestyles, and interests. We use innovative targeting methods to identify and reach new target markets that you are not yet considering. We also identify the platforms competitors use effectively, how they interact with followers, and what content gets people talking and sharing.

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When you’re taking a look at your analytics, it’s easy to get distracted by vanity metrics rather than engagement metrics that drive your business forward. Pretty much every social media platform has its own analytics function. With it, you should be able to deduce whether or not your campaigns are working. This should give you a pretty good idea of what your competition is doing, and will help you create high-quality content with your industry-specific audience in mind. 5) Turn on Facebook’s Pages to Watch feature to keep track of competitors’ pages and see how your content is measuring up.

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Partner with us to experience a deep understanding of data and see a real difference in your business results. As a Sydney social media company, we have seen the power of an effective social media strategy firsthand. Purchase strategies vary from brand to brand depending on the type of business. A social media strategy may include dynamic product ad campaigns, or it may be conversion campaigns that push purchases. We help companies grow their revenue using data-proven social media marketing strategies.


If you don’t know what this is you need to find someone who does, and specialises in books and pay them. It would be reasonable to expect to pay between $1,500-$5,000 for this with the higher end of the range being for a content marketing plan, some regular analytics, support and advice over a 12 month period. I spent 2 days with the team at Blue Flame and it was simply excellent! Digital marketing is all about testing, learning, adapting and implementing new strategies or ideas that help you to grow your online presence. This is why you need a consultant who is experienced in this area and the team at Honest Fox Digital can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Social Media Management Packages

I would recommend them as the best agency available if you want to walk confidently in the social media space. We will break your target audiences’ newsfeed-scrolling trance and inspire them to take action. Once you gather this information, you’ll have a good starting point for planning how to enhance your presence. Use the table below to plan and decide which media is best for you.

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Our marketing Trainers and Assessors are members of AMI and Open Colleges marketing students receive a 12 month AMI student membership included in their course. Our free online assessment tool can help give you an idea of the language, literacy and numeracy skills needed to study a VET course. This tool can also help you determine your learning level and help you plan your future studies. Software such as Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Viewer etc. are available as a free download from the internet. 2 years’ relevant industry experience in a role that requires the use of written documentation and communication. Open Colleges is the only VET provider which has been endorsed by the Australian Marketing Institute to date for this program.

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