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How Does Google Rank Search Results

To improve your Google ranking you need to better understand Google ranking factors. Some factors will have a large impact on your site’s ability to rank, for instance, having a keyword as the first word in your domain name. But many experts agree that using keywords in other important areas is also crucial. On the other hand, you don’t want to stuff each page with keywords (Google will detect that tactic!). Ideally, your content should be high-quality and in-depth, with keywords in the right places. Your site should be optimised correctly, from image tags to headlines and everything in between.

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About Ranked

These types of websites aren’t going to impress your prospects and they are really just ‘electronic brochures’. They won’t rank well with the search engines and certainly won’t generate traffic or leads. This is when people search for a topic on a search engine and are then provided with options relating to that topic. Being listed early is key to getting traffic to your website.

The Tools Publishers Need For Improving Page Experience

Your website should serve as your communications hub, connecting to your blog and social media sites, providing free resources plus encouraging comments and discussion. If the website is set up to generate a return on investment in the way of online sales or profitable leads, an AdWords campaign can be considered. Creative Serum can provide these services or advice where necessary.

You Can Target Your Marketing

The original URL is within the tag so that search engines know where to go to find the right URL that deserves the credit in the search results. There are so many variables to take into account, that a time estimate is not possible before auditing your website. An estimate shows that average performing websites rank in Google after 6 months to 1 year of effort. Getting there faster is possible if you have great content to work with or a fabulous niche.

How many Google ranking factors are there?

You might already know that Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm…

SEO tools and knowledge can be mastered in time, with dedication and a bit of inclination towards digital technology and marketing. But if that’s not your cup of tea, you can outsource it and get a faster ROI from it while moving towards the first page of Google. It’s absolutely normal to ask about a time estimate regarding the success of your SEO strategy since it is a time and money investment. Any business owner needs to be able to plan ahead and work with the budget within a certain time frame for achieving their goals. It’s a totally legit question, but the answer is not so simple. The bulk of off-page SEO is concerned with building backlinks but can go further than that .

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How does Google go about ranking results?

Google “reads” a website to determine its content, structure and link profile, from there it’ll determine the relevance that a website holds for any given search term. As such, ensuring that your website is optimized for priority search terms can result in higher rankings, traffic and conversions.

However, it is regularly proven that positive social signals can impact search engine rankings. They also send necessary relevancy signals to search engines and should be optimised. Sites that are difficult to navigate or use may suffer in search engine rankings. Based on user data like bounce rate, pages viewed, and time-on-site, search engines can determine the usability of a website and take that into search engine ranking consideration.

Your Retail Holiday Marketing Planning Guide

Search intent can also be damaged if the page is not what the internet user was expecting or looking for. It’s great if you have a lot of content on your site which you feel readers need to see, but the purpose of your blog, or webpage, is to feed your reader the information they want there. It’s not to send them off to ten different pages on your website. This is where you repeatedly use the keyword in the web copy but it just doesn’t look natural or read well. This is the practice of matching the colour codes of the text with the colour of the website.

  • And no wonder, with over 1.7 billion websites on the internet, it’s easy to get lost.
  • This article discusses the key local SEO ranking factors to improve your local search results.
  • As in the past years ever since 2011, Google has insisted on the quality of content on websites.
  • It’s also multimodal, which means it understands information across text and images and can even be expanded to audio and video in the future.
  • I cannot thank Roger and his team enough for the service they have provided us.

Those businesses who do not stay up to date on changes and match these changes accordingly will ultimately be left behind and lose out on the opportunities presented to them. There’s a vast difference between writing a blog, and writing an SEO blog that’s optimised to rank on Google. Isabel Sandercock-Brown is a content marketer and writer who has written for a range of brands. “On-page SEOis all about the content, whereastechnical SEOlooks at things like website speed, responsiveness and performance,” explains Morris. Focused on making a website operational, accessible and easy to use – including site load speed, responsiveness, information architecture. Your Google My Business Listing will give a Google Maps reference as well as other information you add to your profile, such as opening hours and contact details as well as customer reviews.

Include Valuable Backlinks

The Google search algorithm will look at the architecture of the website, and as a result, these things must be taken into consideration. By investing into SEO, you are also helping to evolve your user experience and user-friendliness, as you have to in order to rank well. This also means that users will be happy to use your website and will appreciate the user-friendliness. A more accessible and user-friendly website makes it more likely that the user will stay on the site, thus increasing the chances of them becoming a customer too. A website that is well structured, professional-looking and is user-friendly will tick the box for correct and proper architecture in accordance to the Google search algorithm. It will then also look at the content that is on the website.

Ugly Truth About Duplicate Content & Its Impact On Your Seo

This regular work for the development and indexing of your website in search engines. Duplicate contentis the highest priority issue we’ve seen created by Shopify. It occurs when either duplicate or similar content exists on two separate URLs. This creates issues for search engines as they can’t determine which of the two pages should be the canonical version – the master version.

No, These 15 Things Are Not Ranking Factors for Google – Search Engine Journal

No, These 15 Things Are Not Ranking Factors for Google.

Posted: Fri, 23 Apr 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

This will result in a higher ranking due to the Google search algorithm, and as a result, you will see an increase in web traffic over time. You will also be seen as more credible due to being ranked better by Google, and more people will be inclined to click on your website due to this. Most web traffic is due to relevant search results and by investing into SEO and increasing your ranking, you will definitely have an increase in web traffic. Identifying the right keywords is incredibly important, because they comprise the words and phrases that make it possible for your website to be found within the search engines. Keywords are the foundation for all your SEO efforts, so it’s worth putting in some time to research and understand which SEO keywords are most relevant for your audience. Doing so could be the difference between your potential customers landing on your page, or your competitors.


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Instead, quality of content and providing users with the answer they are looking for as quickly as possible is more important. Although Google has announced that the Core Web Vitals will impact rankings, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not the be all, end all. So that they don’t fall victim of the latest algorithm updates. Google is always making algorithm updates; in the past few months we have seen the June Core Update, the start of the Page Experience Update and two Spam Updates followed by the July Core Update.

Outbound links convince your readers of your research from websites with high domain authority. Outbound links ensure quality content delivery to searchers, which can be leveraged to secure higher search engine rankings. It’s important however, to keep in mind that both platforms work hand-in-hand. Using Google’s Analytics tools, you can check out where your traffic comes from, the digital path they take before buying, and the most cost-efficient, valuable funnel there is.


Google will not rank pages with syndicated, scraped, or stolen content well – in fact; copied content can land your website a hefty penalty in 2021. It’s been a few years now that Google started working on mobile-first indexing. Google is crawling of the web now using a smartphone Googlebot. The algorithms analyse whether a website loads quickly , or appears correctly in different browsers and on different devices. The algorithms have to cater for spelling errors, synonyms and work out if a query is for fresh content like current news of for historic accuracy.

Some people don’t even click the link in Google search results page, so add your phone number and they’ll call on the spot. The website does get popularity even when the backlinks and their referencing links, are coming from aged websites. Google understands the intent of the searcher, rather than just the keywords and understands the query you want to say aside from the keywords you are using or not. Google has produced the number of algorithms to rank websites functionality and quality over the quantity or spammers.

What Organic Search Traffic Is And Why You Need It

The Google 3-Pack is a location-based method which the search engine uses to highlight the top 3 SERP results. Provide your audience with links out to authoritative sites in your industry that will be of value to your users. Quality content – longer, well-written original content that provides lots of value to users is considered by Google to be of a higher quality and will therefore rank well in SERP. There is no shortcut for success; improving your rank is not an easy task; it takes time, lots of quality work, devotion and the right audience and internet traffic.

Google Search Console: Is It a Ranking Factor? – Search Engine Journal

Google Search Console: Is It a Ranking Factor?.

Posted: Sun, 28 Nov 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

You need to use the disallow command and create a Robots.txt file that gives signals to the search engines that a particular page on the site need not be crawled. This will not just provide you with the necessary publicity for your site but is an essential for ranking higher on Google. The more relevant sites you choose for building backlinks, the better it will be. Another ranking factor that continues and stays important in 2017 is the quality of links your site has. You need to pitch to quality blogs, sites and news sites to get natural and high-quality links for your website.

We can confidently recommend the team at Ranked Media.Whether it’s to improve sales for your own business or remove the bottlenecks in your agency, Ranked will take care of it. Where other agencies would charge more, Ranked has worked with us to ensure the end-user is happy and set up for success. We’ve been hugely impressed with their flexibility and effort to provide high-quality work. One of the important factors that affect your website rankings is the user experience that you offer on your website. Your content should not only be confined to well-researched keywords and useful information but also ensure user-friendly navigation. In a 2019 survey by Adobe, 22% of web users said poorly designed content was frustrating, and 45% said content not displaying well on their device would make them leave the site.

With so many businesses online now, it can be hard for a small business to stand out from the crowd and to make themselves known, especially if the industry they are in has many competitors. Marketing has become more and more online based, and SEO is an aspect of this. With SEO, small businesses are able to slowly but surely bring their ranking up, and possibly even to the front page of Google. This will definitely increase their business and brand awareness, leading to more leads, conversions and eventually customers. Digital marketing will always be much more effective than any other form of marketing in this day and age, and thus more focus is being placed on online marketing. SEO has also garnered some attention through controversy, as many businesses have gone to SEO companies and invested into it, only to find no results have occurred.

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