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Why Do Businesses Fight for the Top Spot on Google?

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Everyone understands the importance of search engine optimisation when it comes to inbound marketing, but at what point could you say that your website is optimised; the best of the bunch? If your website isn’t in the first page of search results, you won’t be getting more organic traffic from search engines.

Google, the biggest name in search engines, is surely the main area of operation for any inbound marketer. Websites that are ranked high up on Google grab over a third of the overall traffic generated by Google. So, the question is how to get there. What makes those top spots so important? Why do businesses hire SEO service Brisbane in order to get there? Here’s what being top of the pack can do for your business and why it’s important enough to fight over.

  • More Business Opportunities

Google displays around ten results for the first page whenever someone searches for something. Those ten sites are ranked on a variety of factors including relevance, site speed, bounce rate, and backlinks. If you can get your business to the first page of results, you’ll get lots more opportunities for your business. Keep in mind that this is only half the battle though. You also need to work hard to stay there. Any good SEO Agency in Brisbane knows this and will work just as hard to preserve a good ranking as they worked to achieve it in the first place.

  • Top Positions Get All the Traffic

No matter what search engine you use, there’s no denying that the top three spots get the lion’s share of the traffic. First place gets around 42%, second place gets around 11%, and third place gets just 8%. This should show you just why your business needs to be as highly ranked as possible. Being in the top spots also gives an air of trust and authenticity for your site, which ae clear elements for generating traffic and leads.

  • Improve Business Authenticity

Ranking higher in SERPs (search engine results pages) does more than just generate more business. It also improves the authenticity of your business. People consider the websites that rank in the top three to be more authentic and trusted names in their respective industry. You’re essentially giving yourself a psychological edge over the competition. No matter the size of your business, having a better ranking makes you seem more authentic in the eyes of searchers.

  • Creates a Business Image

Having a better ranking means your business looks better in the eyes of potential clients. The internet is a highly competitive marketplace for every inbound marketer, meaning that it’s not easy to get the top spot in a hurry. However, once you achieve that higher ranking with the help of an SEO agency Brisbane, you’ll be considered more respectable by customers and contributors in your industry.

  • Reduced Costs

One of the benefits of inbound marketing is that, when done properly, it offers a high return on investment. This is because the leads that inbound marketing generates primarily come from search engines. The higher your ranking on search engines, the more business you can potentially get. Being in one of the top three spots also drastically reduces advertising budget. It has a major impact on social media marketing too.

Better Search Engine Ranking Means Better Success

To put it simply ranking high in Google and other search engines, especially if you can claim one of the top three spots, means generating lots of business at a fraction of the cost. This is why the top three spots are so important and why everyone fights for them. Give yourself an advantage over the competition with a little help from Branding Experts SEO agency

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