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Why So Many Businesses Close Down After Just a Few Months

One of the scariest business statistics is that over half of all new businesses fail within their first year. While that’s not necessarily the case (only 30% of new businesses fail within their first year) there are still many businesses that have trouble succeeding. Most of the time it can be attributed to some simple mistakes. With proper planning, funding, and flexibility, businesses can give themselves the best chances of success. Here’s why so many businesses fail within their first few months, and what you can do to stop it happening to your business.

  1. Run out of Budget

It takes more money to run a business than you think, which is incredible to consider. One of the main reasons that businesses fail is because people don’t reasonably allocate enough money to running them. Are you planning on selling something? Do you have enough money to keep inventory up? Do you have the money to pay for equipment and staff wages? Think about how much money your business really needs, and wait until you have it.


  1. Wrong Marketing Strategy

A business is only as good as their marketing strategy Brisbane. You want to make sure that you are using a good marketing strategy that really showcases the appeal of your products and services. Branding Experts are the masters of putting together high quality strategies. How can you expect people to use your products or services when they don’t know you exist or don’t understand what you do? Your marketing strategy needs to spread the right message, and Branding Experts can ensure that it does.


  1. Spending Too Much on Labor and Material

One of the only things worse than not having enough resources is mismanaging the ones that you do have. When you spend too much money on materials and labor, you’re not giving yourself enough money to keep the business running. Do you have way more inventory than you sell? Are you paying people for hanging around? Take a good look at how you are spending money and if there’s anywhere you might be able to cut costs. Don’t stock 1,000 products if you are only selling 100. Also look for cheaper materials and labor without giving up quality. Don’t sacrifice quality for cost, as that is another problem in itself.


  1. Unsellable Products and Services

In order to sell something to someone, there has to be a demand. Are you trying to sell people something that they already have? Are you trying to compete with a bigger name with a better product? You have to be sure that there is a demand for the products and services that you offer. If you have an unsellable product, you’ll never make any money. It’s as simple as that.



Make sure that you start researching before you start a business. You have to know how much your startup will cost, the target audience, and all the other important details. To put it simply, you need a business plan.

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