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We got a secret for you, but it's hardly a revelation; lots of brands suck. The only thing worse than how terrible a lot of brands are is how clueless small business executives and entrepreneurs can be about branding. Many people think that branding is just their logo, but there's much more to it than that.
A logo is just the beginning. Actually, the visual elements of branding are only half of the story. The less tangible assets of a brand are things like the corporate culture, how employees and management conduct themselves, and the like. With that said, what goes into creating a successful brand? How do you go from being a name to being a household name? Here are seven steps to building a brand.
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1. Create A Good Tagline

Spend some time with the top members of your team and discuss how you want people to perceive the brand. What emotional reaction do you want the audience to have when they engage with you? What do you want them to remember about you? Every good branding agency in Brisbane knows this is the foundation of creating a solid tagline.

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2. Stand Out from the Crowd

Think about your audience. What is your competition doing as far as their website is concerned? How are they expressing themselves? Find the things you have in common, and look for ways you can innovate your approach and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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3. Develop a Core Company Culture

Any Branding Agency Brisbane team will tell you that you need a company culture. You need to hire and perform onboarding built around this culture. Don't hire people that could potentially ruin the relationships you have spent months and years cultivating. It takes just one bad employee giving one customer a bad experience to sabotage multi-million dollar investments.

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4. Be Patient with the Brand

Branding Experts recommend taking on outreach initiatives with some care and patience. Think of it like being a newborn baby. You don't give three-month old babies solid food, and you shouldn't rush outreach activities either; whether It's PR, advertising, or marketing.

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5. Be Consistent

Think of an outreach effort as being interconnected, just like your body. The brand is the brain of the operation. Advertising, marketing, public relations, and sales are extensions of this brain and they have to be aligned. The copy, design, and language of your team should be based on the brand. Consider hiring several brand designers and copywriters. Find people that truly capture the essence of your brand and be consistent about using them.

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6. Get Some Help

Branding is never easy. The reason that big companies have big brands is because they have the money to invest in building their brands. They weren't always international conglomerates though. If someone else can become a household name, then you can too. The first thing to do is nail down your brand. Professionals can help you see things more clearly, offer a different perspective, and put together the branding in a way that you can reach the market more effectively.

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7. Put People First

Your brand is bigger than your company. It should be the personal brands of employees and executives too. People don't do business with businesses, they do it with people. Having a good brand on any level builds a better reputation. Almost everyone prefers to do business with a people-oriented business that clearly cares about customers. Be the company that takes a people-first apporach and has employees that all do the same.

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Talent may help you get the business up and running, but it is having the right brand that will sustain it. How does your brand look?

Do you need any help with it?