SEO Basics

What is SEO and How Does

It Generate More Traffic and Business for You?

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website from organic search engine results. To really understand SEO, we need to break down the individual aspects of it;
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1. Quantity of Traffic

After getting the right people to click through to your website from the search engine results pages (SERPs), having more traffic is definitely better.

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3. Organic Results

Adverts are a major part of most SERPs. Organic traffic is the traffic that you didn’t have to pay to get. It’s basically any unpaid traffic from a SERP.

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How Does SEO Work?
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You may think that search engines are just websites where people type out what they want, and then they are given a list of links to the websites that might have what they need. That’s basically what they are, but did you ever consider what is behind that list of links?

Here’s how SEO works and what you can expect from an SEO service in Brisbane; Google – or the search engine in question – has a crawler that scours the internet for information about any content it can find. These crawlers bring the information back to the search engine, which uses it to create an index. This index is fed through an algorithm that matches the data about the sites to your query to give relevant results.

Now we’ve looked at the SE (search engine) of SEO, let’s look at the O.

Optimization is where the people writing content and putting it up on their website gussy it up a bit so that search engines – and the people taken to websites through search engine results – better understand what they are looking look.

Optimization comes in all different shapes and sizes. It includes things like ensuring the tags and meta description of a page are informative and the right length, as well as posting internal links to the pages you are proudest of.

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Learning SEO

Now we know more about SEO, let’s learn more about SEO to give you a better understanding of what an SEO company in Brisbane does. Let’s get started;

Building an SEO-Friendly Website
After deciding it’s time that you started your SEO journey, it’s time you employed SEO techniques to your website, whether you’re building a new website from scratch or just improving your existing website. This includes choosing an SEO-friendly domain name and establishing some internal links.

A website is nothing without content. The problem is that there are so many variables for SEO for content that it does need to be considered a separate category. Think about things like keyword research, writing SEO-friendly content, and the markup that helps search engines understand the real meaning of your content.

Link-Related Topics
This includes thinks such as anchor text and redirection. Understand more about nofollow and when – and how – to use it effectively. Learn more about guest blogging and if it is still a viable option. After building some links for your website, you’ll notice a bump in SEO and visitors.

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The Evolution of SEO

One problem with trying to learn SEO is that it changes all the time. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, and so SEO techniques have to evolve alongside them. You could try to keep up yourself, but you have a business to run! Leave it to the professionals. Staying on top of what dos and doesn’t work in SEO IS their business.