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How to Bring

Your Idea to Reality

The most important things tend to come without instruction manuals; kids, homes, spouses, starting a business…This is why we want to take a look at how to bring your idea into reality and get your business started.
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1. Have An Idea

Choose an idea that aligns with your passions, strengths, resources, goals, and risk tolerance. Keep in mind the initial idea is always just a hypothesis though. Don’t commit to anything just yet.

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2. Consider all the Angles

Evaluate your idea as if you were an investor. Look at it objectively and analyse it. Who would buy this, and what needs do they have? Is the opportunity big enough right now? Is now the right time? What will you need to make it work? Will the payoff be worth it? What’s your business model? Having a rough business plan is a good way to ensure you cover all your bases.

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3. Get Some Feedback

Find people who understand your market, business model, competition, and predecessors; all the people in the industry that have been there and done that, and have the knowledge to help you understand what will and won’t work in reality. Talk to potential customers as well; the people in your target market. Get their feedback on your hypothesis. You can find out much more from them after releasing a product, but that initial market research gets you off to a better start.

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4. Respond to the Feedback

Make the necessary changes to your product, business plan, and marketing strategy. Punch the numbers and get an estimate of how much capital will be needed each particular milestones. Put together an implementation plan that takes into account the goals that really matter to you, and decide who you need on your side to make it all happen.

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5. Create a Basic Product

When envisioning a product or service that you wish to offer people, it likely has a slick design and is full of features. Keep that perfect vision in the back of your mind are now. You should strip this concept down the bare minimum and have a product that addresses the core needs of core customers. Take this basic product, and build upon it as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

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6. Open Up Shop

You may be tempted to wait until the product is perfect for usual throwing it, but good enough is good enough. You will be flying blind until your product actually land on the market. You’ll be spending your time and money with no idea on how customers will react. Make your product and get it to market. Branding Experts can help here. Branding Experts provide a logo design Brisbane service, creating the ultimate logo, website, business cards, presentation folders, and more for your business. We also get you set up with a 1300 number to get you started.

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7. Test Your Creation

After hiring a graphic design agency in Brisbane and starting your business, you’re ready to assess how the product meets the needs of customers. Test elements such as the pricing, branding, features, and customer experiences. Come up with a cost-effective and repeatable strategy for attracting customers by experimenting with different promotions, marketing messages, sales pitches, and distribution channels.

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8. Make Necessary Changes

After assessing which elements of the product and marketing you did wrong, it’s time to make changes and fix things. Hopefully you’ll have managed to get some things right, and these should be left alone. Tweak your approach and don’t fix what isn’t broken.

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9. Prepare for Growth

Take another look at the business plan, update your product, marketing, team, implementation, and finance strategies. Gather the resources necessary for expansion. This is the right time to raise capital as you can tell investors you know how to get money from customers with a minimal investment and how quickly you can grow with that money.

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10. Speed things Up

After putting the resources in place and establishing a marketing plan, you’re ready for expansion. Make sure the team understands where you are taking them and that they believe in your vision. Make sure they understand what you expect of them and what they need to do.