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May 6, 2019
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September 24, 2019

The average consumer is smarter than ever before. They consider themselves informed and will want to get any questions they may have answered. As such, you should have the answers to those questions to put yourself ahead of the competition as part of your marketing strategy Brisbane. One way to handle this is to have an FAQ page on your website. With that said, here are some tips from Branding Experts on how to put together a killer FAQ.

1. Make Sure The Questions are Frequently Asked
Some people use their FAQ pages as a way to share the questions that they never got to answer, instead of answering the questions people actually want them to. Don’t forget that the acronym stands for “frequently asked questions”. Make sure that the answers you choose to give are on-topic and focused on the questions you regularly get from customers via support emails, comments, and on social media.

2. Write it Using the Language of your Customers
Customers and business owners trying to come up with a marketing strategy in Brisbane can speak entirely different languages. You need to write the FAQ using language that resonates with the customers and not with yourself. That means using their slang and language. You might cringe at the thought, but this approach is much more valuable when educating users and connecting with them.

3. Keep the FAQ Organized
Organization is a vital part of any FAQ. All good FAQ pages are useful because the questions have been grouped together and categorized properly. The questions should be taken and broken down into categories so that visitors can find what they want easier. Group together questions of a similar nature, even if it makes the page a little longer. You’ll find customers don’t mind doing some scrolling, as long as everything has been organized and laid out properly.

4. Planning Around Scanning
Readers tend to scan through the FAQ instead of reading absolutely everything. Make sure that the headlines and questions have been sized properly. This can make all the difference when creating a user-friendly FAQ page. Put the questions in bold and consider underlining them so that people can’t miss them. They’ll be able to scan through the page until they see what they need.

5. Make it Searchable
The more questions you have on your FAQ page, the more you should consider including a search option. Having one on the page makes it easier for customers and visitors to find the information that they need. They can just search for the question they have and get their answer immediately. Make things easier for all involved by making the FAQ searchable.

Branding Experts know what it takes to create a high quality FAQ page for your website. If you find that you constantly get asked the same questions, then it means there is a lack of information that needs to be addressed. Answering those questions through an FAQ makes it easier for customers to get the information they need to make a purchase. It can even improve SEO rankings. The only reason to not have an FAQ page is that you don’t have any frequently asked questions.

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