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September 24, 2019
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What is On-Site Optimization – And How Does it Help Search Engines Crawl?

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On-site optimization is one of the key parts of SEO. It basically covers the process of making a website easier for both humans and robots to read. Often in our quest for great SEO, we forget that websites are supposed to be designed for humans. Let’s take a closer look at the different aspects of on-site optimization and what it means for search engines.


Photo Optimization

Having photos and images on your website is great. The problem is that not any old image will do. Some photos are the wrong size or the wrong format. They need to be properly optimized. There are a number of online tools and services that can take care of that. Any good web design Brisbane company will only use optimized photos. These photos load faster and are easier for search engine crawlers to find and process. Anything that speeds up your website is a good thing to have.


Content and Meta Tags

Tags are a key part of any good SEO Brisbane strategy. These tags are used by search engines to properly categorize and rank content in search engines. They also give readers and idea of what to expect from the content. Just don’t go too crazy though, as over-tagging does just as much harm as keyword stuffing. Focus on the most important tags and consider hiring an SEO company Brisbane to help you tag content efficiently.


Internal and External Linking

Anyone who knows anything about SEO understands the value of internal and external linking. This is so important you can find services dedicated to creating backlinks and improving search engine rankings. That’s just one of the benefits of proper linking. The more connections your website has the better it looks to search engine crawlers. They can follow the links and establish a more complete map of your website. It also helps human visitors because it generates more organic traffic.


Speed Optimization

Images aren’t the only way you can optimize the speed of your website. Heavy designs can really drag down loading speeds. It might look good, but how does it perform? You don’t have to go completely minimalist. You should still have a unique and interesting design. Just make sure that it is optimized properly. People aren’t willing to stick around and wait for a website to load, and neither are search engine crawlers. Your website needs to load smoothly and efficiently. Optimize images, cut down on videos, and streamline the design of your website.


Submit Sitemap to Google

If you haven’t submitted your sitemap to Google – and other search engines – yet then it’s time you did. Your SEO company Brisbane can help you to do this if you aren’t sure how. There are also lots of great online tools. The first thing to do is to log into Google Search Console, or the equivalent for another search engine. From there you can easily submit the sitemap and make it easier for Google to index and rank your website appropriately.


Test Website With Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is good for more than just submitting your sitemap. You can use it to run a test version of your website to see how Google ranks it and treats it. With the information you get from the console you – or your SEO Brisbane company of choice – can further optimize your website and take it to the next level. Trial and error is an important part of every aspect of business, and that includes on-site SEO.



On-site SEO is the practice of optimizing your website so humans and search engine crawlers have an easier time using it. Keeping images optimized, adding the right tags, generating internal and external links, and optimizing loading speed are the foundations of a good on-site SEO strategy. If you need help in your SEO, contact Branding Experts the best SEO Brisbane.

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